Little B*****

My thirteen year old step daughter is such a b**** at times. Her mom tells me it's just hormones. I don't give a f*** if it is or not. I love my wife and we have our differences at times but the thirteen year old is still a b****. When she goes to visit her step dad there is peace but when she comes home it's h*** all over. I have to drink a beer or two when she us around just to tolerate her.

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  • We can no longer confess on this website. They have removed naughty posts and if you try to confess something nothing happens.

  • You are an a**hole. You can't judge a female for being annoying when she is just taking her first steps into womanhood. You are a male and you don't understand. Don't you dare be a feminist. If you like her mother then you have to put up with the kid. It isn't fair for you to judge her when she probably only got her first period a month or two ago. You are despicable, and I despise you. I am done with you now. F***ing b******.

  • The outcome of disempowering parents such that any significant punishment is viewed as abuse. This kid needs strong consistent parenting. A dose of the strap. Very clear rules about correct behaviour. Luckily my wife and I are of one mind when it comes to children's behaviour and that just makes it so much easier.

  • same problem here. i wish i could figure a way to ship her to her father permanently and let him deal with her full-time. the girl is a holy terror and my wife does nothing to control the situation or fix the problem. NOTHING!!!

  • You are, of course, entitled to your opinion and how you feel. But the fact is that you married a woman with a child. It's a package deal. And when you're working on your relationship with your wife, you have to nurture one with your step daughter. You may have become an instant parent, but you're not automatically someone who she is going to like. You're not her dad, that's earned. Look at it from this standpoint.depending upon the dynamics of the family, most kids want their parents to be together. Divorce is not only tough on parents, but sometimes tougher on kids. And then their parents get a gf or bf or remarry..that's a lot for someone young to one understand, but to even accept. So at 13, yes..hormones are flowing through her veins. She is also at the age where they start to rebel and test everyone around them. And at this age, parents are no longer "cool". You did it. You're not a girl, but you tested your parents at that age. Teenage years are not easy on anyone. One thing to be aware of, a lot of times divorce is traumatic on kids...and if the step father is an a******..which maybe how she sees you. Drugs and alcohol abuse may come into play. If you're drinking, she's going to see that and say he does it. 13 year olds aren't dumb. So something to watch for. But maybe all the adults in this girls life can all get on the same page to at least make it tolerable. You say when she goes to her step dad's house - is that a typo - or does she really have two step dads? Each house should have the same set of rules, no exceptions. If she gets in trouble at one house and is punished..then that holds true in the other. And you and your wife cannot undermine one another. You have to take responsibility for your own actions here. You are an adult. Don't be part of a bigger problem. You have an opportunity to be a great parent for her. This kid is going to be in your life for a long time. Get used to it. Work with her and set an example.

  • Very well said.Hope your post opens his eyes and makes him put down the can,bottle or keg of beer and become a better step dad and co-parent.
    I have been chasing this cute woman for two weeks now. She said she adored me but has not responding very positively after our first meeting.After reading this,I have been reminded of reality. I found out from a friend that her 8 year old daughter told her dad that I talked to her mom.They have not been together for 5 years,but mom is scared to talk to me. I think I will just leave her alone.

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