My friends love my daughter's panties

I had a bbq at my house during the summer, I had like 20 people over. It was still going strong past midnight, we had sent my two kids to friends house so they wouldnt be in the way. I have a 16 year old daughter and a 13 year old son. I went upstairs for a leak when I heard noises coming from my daughter's room. I thought everone was outside so I thought my daughter was back. Instead I opened the door to 4 of my friends, all married and above 40 years old, wearing my daughters panties and bras, masturbating over a pile of her laundry. They all scrambled to cover up. I was so shocked. I told them to change and head downstairs. I havent told anyone but they have been buying me a lot of stuff.

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  • No big deal as long as it's kept quiet. When I was 15-16, my hot-bodied, sexy older sister started teaching, and would take me and my friends to school if we didn't have a car. My guys had a major thing for her, and started asking me for bras, panties, bikinis..Anything she wore close to her body.

    I eventually gave in, and started providing what I could to them, for their own pleasure. Made me number one in their book, and they kept it all between us. Be lying if I said I never indulged in her undies myself.

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