She ate my c**

My sister who is 17 had a friend sleep over. Im the same age but she already has a bf. She is so sexy though. When they were downstairs I ran upstairs to take her panties but the headed up right after me. I was a little mad that I couldn't j*** off with those smelly panties. In the morning around 11, they still was asleep so I decided to make them a lunch. Of course with a little present. I made 2 sandwiches but no one else was home so I stuck my d*** in between the lettuce, bread, ham, and pumped until I shot a huge load. I spread it evenly but I still had a small puddle of c** on the table so I soaked it up with my sister's bread. I fed them and watched her eat every bite, swallowing my c**.

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  • Congratulations you have earned a spot at the perv table. Just remember to hold on tight it will only get wilder and more perverse as you get older!

  • Sexy and kinky!!

  • I usually say everyone to his/her own taste, but that is just sick and childish.

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