I showed my friend nude pictures of my girlfriend

An old friend of mine, who lives quite close to me, came to my house to smoke a cigarette. Infact, i told him to come because i wanted him to watch my girlfriend's completely nude pictures. With close up shots of her v***** and all. On a few occasions, he saw me with my girlfriend and Since some time, i've been fantasizing on him f****** and dominating my girlfriend. I've often masturbated on my girlfriend sucking his feet and toes, pouring beer on his feet and licking it then licking his a****** and then f****** her hard in front of me. Sometimes i masturbated of him making my girlfriend lie down and p*** of her body and face. That day, he came to my house and i told him that i wanted to show him some pics. I showed him the several pictures. I even zoom in on my gf's v*****, small t***, lips, a****** and all so that he can see it well. All i wanted was that he could f*** my girlfriend and that he would m********* on my girlfriend once he's home. After he was gone, i went to the bathroom and masturbated on him f****** my girlfriend with all the kinky and dominatrix pleasures. That day i even imagined him beating her hard with a belt. I cummed a lot on that day. Did i do something wrong?

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  • You are just a dog a sick dog

  • Of course not. Except oh yea pretty much everything. But hey that's what you want eh. People to read your dream and express such distain.

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