Sniffing my sisters panties and look where it led to... :)

One day my sister told me to tidy up her room while she was out. And every body was out so I was tidying her room when suddently I came across theses blue see through thongs. So I desided to pick them up to see if they were dirty or not (I was doing laundry as well as tidying up her room)
And when I picked them up there was skid marks and c** stains on them.

Suddently I was so turned on about it I pulled back the curtains and locked the door and got undressed and put them on. I layed on her bed and masturbated until I cummed really hard in side those lush skid marked c** stained see through thongs. After I tidied up my sisters room I went to bed because it was about 1in the morning my sister came in her room and was very pleased about tidying her room so she but she looked under her bed and saw her dirty see through thing was under her bed so she took it out from under her bed and saw there was fresh c** Staines on her dirty see through blue thong so she went to my bedroom and woke me up and whispered thanks for doing my room but have you been masturbating on my only pair of thongs. I looked ashamed and said yes sorry sister.
Now by the time I said yes sorry to my sister I could see she was turned on about it because her nipples was erecting and she could tell I was turned on about it as well because my b**** was so f****** hard. (Iv got a 10 and a half inch c***)
So my sister pulled of the covers and pulled down my boxers and suddently she said wow now that f****** huge bro. She was my 10 and a half inch c*** and started wanking me hard. I layed back and closed my eyes and liked the move by my sister was doing. She started of slowly and began to do it hard... Mmm mmm mmm yes sister yes!! As she was wanking me f****** hard. As she was doing that I pulled down her leggings and panties and started fingering her f****** fast as fast as I could.
My sister was so wet i could belive it fast let as faster we both went wanking and fingering eatch other. Once my sister came I stood up of bed and took of her tshirts as bra my sister had theses amazing 38DD Brest what I have allways wanted to suck and nibble on. So while my sister continued to w*** me I sucked and nibbled on my sisters 38DD Brest and while I was doing that my sister was moaning out loude Mmmm mmmm yes bro yes keep doing that. So I continued doing it. I could feel my body nearly going to explode as my sister is wanking my so fast and suddently I said ohh ohh sister I'm going to blow my load so my sister wanked me so fccking hard that I exploded very hard over my sisters face. My sister couldn't see a thing my c** covered her whole face. My sister licked it all up and said there's my tomorrow night bro xxx


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  • Very hot! Would love to talk more about this and trade some stories and maybe pics! Pro ven zano dot John at gmail dot com!

  • This is bullshit as legit no ones c*** would be 10 and a half inches

  • Plastic surgery

  • This is the most pathetic neckbeard thing ever

  • My girlfriends daughter was a mouthy little brat and was always stealing from me and her mother.i was in her bedroom one day searching for a gold ring that had gone missing and I looked under her bed.there was a tangled up pile of her dirty undies mostly knickers and thongs. Bout 20 pairs of the tiniest nylon material with thick nasty discharge stain. I imagined her beating me up and sitting her c*** down on my face

  • Now thats a confession! Sometimes s*** happens and we lose control! I recently made a confession to my wife! I thought she knew I was c****** in her shoes.

  • I used to pay my sister a fiver to sit on my face wearing a dirty thong when we both lived at home.shecwas bout 17 and went to Spain on holiday with her mates.when she got back we stayed in my bedroom all week as she smothered me in the nastiest discharge stained thongs imaginable.she made me tongue the gussets out as she threatened to suffocate me and fart in my face

  • You are very lucky to have a sister like urs

  • I'd happily let my sister sexually humiliate me by pinning me down and sitting on my face.forcing my head inside her knickers and stretching her gusset over my mug...

  • I picked my sister up from the airport after she'd been on she got in the car I looked right up her skirt and saw she was wearing a tiny pink thong. She smiled ""iv got a bag of dirty thongs and gstrings in the suitcase and my washing machines still broken" I imagined what state they'd be in with the gusset

  • My sister has caught me sniffing her knickers several times over the years and will tease me about it regularly'.shes threatened to sit on my face wearing her dirty thongs and make me

  • Lucky

  • Wait what the f*** is this

  • I f***** my sis plenary of times and she likes when I wear her knickers in bed with her we have s** when she wears leather most times

  • I shared a flat with my sister many years ago and there were dirty knickers everywhere.shed wear tiny nylon thongs that stuck right up her c*** and I soon became addicted.

  • Always got turned on by my sister's knickers. Didn't matter what they were, white cotton or black lace just wanted to wear them and w***.

    With my girlfriend they had to be full size and pink.

    Would love to have fun with another couple.

  • So f****** hot, I wish I could do that with my sis.

  • Seems kinda fake if you ask me

  • I used to sniff my sisters panties every day when she took them off and I wanked in hervgusset.then I used them for school.Robert.

  • Has sisy

  • Buttthole*

  • I love sniffing my sister's panties! her b******* and p**** smells so good!

  • Wish I had a sister to f***!

  • Work on your spelling

  • No pics it didn't happen

  • It happened! Are you just jealous because your daddy rapes you?

  • Smelling knickers is very satisfying, I have got off over a few pair of real dirty knickers. Some of them I have had delivered were really sweet smelly to the utmost filthy and smelly.

  • Love the smell of my sisters p****

  • Let me see this

  • This is hot before I sucking my moms d**** and she caught me and before I knew it my face was deep inside her sweet p**** I am proud to be incest and once a week atleast I am licking my mom or sisters p***** also I like to suck my moms panties it's really yummy knowing her p**** has been running on that all day

  • I do this a lot but sometimes the smell is strong. I wonder if she masturbates a lot cause there crusty and discharge

  • I just finished c****** in my sister panties

  • Ummm...that's called a diaper.

  • My sister came into my bathroom and instantly got wet, before you knew it we were finger f****** each others a***

  • I love to sniff my older sisters used silk pantys and c** in them she knows I do it love to c** in her hot ass

  • Who else read this while sniffing panties?

  • Sniffing my sisters rn šŸ˜ˆ

  • Oh ye baby

  • Fake

  • WTF is wrong with you people? That's your family. Seek help!

  • F*** off

  • Just keeping it in the family. Nothing wrong with that.

  • I agree with you 100%

  • The first time I c** was on top of my sister's big soft ass she had a bubble butt..mmmmm
    We played a game called roll over
    I laid on her ass playing with her t***
    Witch instantly made me hard
    I started pumping her ass faster and faster. ....
    When I C** AND C** AND C**


  • Nice

  • I wish my sis can do so she smell nice.....

  • I j*** off with my step mom thongs and my cousin girl

  • Let me see pictures

  • I love to sniff my sisters panties smell so great

  • Thats f****** hot i whis my sister would do that to me

  • I sniff my step daughters panties

  • I jerked off to this.

  • Mmmmm panties yummy

  • I j******* all the time while sniffing a dirty pair of my gorgeous older blonde hair sisters dirty panties I put my nose completely inside my beautiful sisters dirty panty crotches and inhale deeply my gorgeous absolutely delicious sisters p**** scent.

  • Just by reading it it got me so f****** turned on ????????

  • Your English is atrocious.

  • What did you expect for the acts that this person gets into I don't think they're probably too good at anything besides English

  • I dream that suck my sister p**** and came

  • Hot.

  • Iā€™m 41 and still sniff sisters panties. P**** and a****** smell great.

  • Iā€™m 18, my sister is 22 and she knows I take them from the dirty laundry basket. The smell and the stains just make me shoot milk

  • I didnt know my sister knew i used her dirty panties

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