Concave Stomach Fetish

I have a fetish for flat and concave stomachs on women. It's very tough for me because I'm feeling very sexually frustrated having not ever had a girlfriend. I see women with flat stomachs and I start to imagine what's under their shirt. I have fantasies of slipping my hands under a woman's shirt and feeling her stomach. I try to control my emotions through sexual releases but it doesn't fulfill my fantasies. Is this normal?

Jan 19, 2015

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  • Same here. Started with hot older sister, who barely ate and had a flat, concave, tanned tummy with deep, oval innie navel. Drove me crazy, and she let me have at it often (still does).

    I remember myself and one of my friends helping her paint he apartment, and, she wore a white half-shirt that rode up every time she stretched. Even my friend got in a bunch of feels and playful paints of her tummy. She loved the attention.

  • If you ever came up behind me and slid your hand beneath my shorty and felt my stomach you probably want a whole lot more my braless b****** and I probably hug your arms not wanting to let you pull them back till you started playing with my nipples and kissing my neck

  • Yea its normal some guys like women with muscle, i have an idea for you that you might enjoy (no sarcasm) read a few comic books of She-Hulk she has the kind of body youll enjoy without being over sexual

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