Addicted to s** part 2

This has now gotten so bad that i must wear a p**** plug just because i need something in me as much as possible. In begging my husband to let me be his p**** slave but no straight answers. Im throbbing constantly, and anywhere i go i must m********* because everything turns me on. I just cant control it anymore. I just need to realize that im a s***, and love to f***. Might as well share my talent with someone, since im not getting it from who i need it.

Jan 28, 2015

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm a 45 year old gay guy. I almost always have to have a medium sized Butt Plug in my insatiable f*** hole. I get to a point where I have to go to Adult Bookstores and Arcades at least 3 times a month to moderately quench my thirst for C** loads from total strangers. My boyfriend left me cause he couldn't handle the f***** c********* I've become. I slam Crystal Meth and will wander the streets of Denver, propositioning any male I come into contact with. Last month when I was high I accidentally sucked my ex-boyfriends father's c*** through a gloryhole. His father then followed me to a local Adult XXX Theater, where he watched me suck off 40 strange men and got f***** by 25 of them. The father used his phone to record my perverted sexual exploits. I'm going to go to the Arcades by a local Truck Stop around 3pm today. I've spent the last few days, being extremely high and using dildoes and my roommates have been using baseball batts on my pussyboi hole. But now I gotta have multiples of real c**** in me.

  • I know exactly how you feel for I am in the same boat. My BF only gets me turned on and then leaves me high and dry so to speak. Hornier than h*** and I can't wait till he goes home so I can find some satisfaction.

  • If I were your husband, I would TOTALLY let you play as much as you wanted. I would give anything, do anything, anything at all, to have a wife like you.

  • Where do i sign up so i can get some of that talent of yours?

  • ^ Ditto ^

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