Friendship, l***, love and death

Over 20 years ago I had a sexual relationship with my friends wife after they broke up. It was a short fling, she used me and seduced me for revenge on his cheating. Reguardless, I fell in love with her. Years later they got back together and now he has a fatal disease. In the years following our sexual fling I wanted her bad, not just for s** I wanted her for my girl but as long as they were happy I did not approach her for anything, especially anything sexual. A few years back she privately brought our sexual relationship up to me. She said she was sorry for using me, I said it was ok and was grateful she shared her s** with me. Then I said I'd love to have s** with you again someday. She said as long as he's in her life she's not going to do it but if anything does happen she would love to have s** with me again, we had some very steamy s** together for almost a year. We left it at that and trying to be respectful I never bring it up ever. Now I feel like I'm being disloyal again to him because I'm l****** for his wife. I see he's not going to be alive for long and I see his death as an opportunity to finally get her in my life. I'm no longer married and all I can think of is a future with her after he passes on, there is no guarantee that will happen. I guess I'm a real creep for wanting her so bad but she was always a woman of my dreams and I can't help wanting her in my life.

Jan 29, 2015

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  • Wait your turn, the honorary time to wait is one year after a spouse death. It might be hard but you can make it.

  • You waiting for someone to die so that you can inherit his wife???? What if your wife was couldn't wait for you to die so she can get with some friend of yours?Enjoy

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