I'm about to go through a divorce but I

I'm about to go through a divorce but I am still in love with my husband and I don't see myself being able to love anyone else. I am not even interested in trying to.

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  • You could talk to him,about your feelings.But,who actually filed for a divorce,you or him? If it was you and you made a mistake in doing so,grovel back to him.If it was him,you're screwed.Good luck with that one!

  • Maybe you should talk to your husband, and find out if he feels the same way!

  • Have you told your husband all that,did you talk openly about your feelings?What's causing the divorce?Are things truly beyond repair?I don't know more about your situation,so I can't really say more.Just be honest with him,maybe it can all be avoided.

  • Its still manipulative, and therefore wrong. Plead your case, keep reasoning for as long as you can, but really, if he isn't happy, then all your flattering and manipulating him into staying is going to hurt you. You'll never be able to keep up the charade forever.

  • If you both love eachother, I don't see the problem. If he doesn't love you, then you can't have him. That's how it works.

  • I'm not sure I could NOT go through a divorce once someone has told me they want one. If I got back with them, I would constantly be wondering if they were going to change their mind again.

  • ^^but it works, and no, it is actually the opposite of desperate. You go along with it (the divorce), but make sure everything you do is to make him realize what he'll be missing.... Help him move out...look nice....have nothing but kind things to say.... it's a 180, I am telling you it works...

  • Reverse psychology to stay married sounds wonderful, and sad, and desperate, and manipulative.

  • Oh....I am a man, and I sympathize.....I almost got divorced in the last few years..Try some tactics to stop the divorce. There are many works on this. The internet is a great source... Don't give up...but you must do it in the right way. It's really reverse psychology...don't be desperate, but rather go with it...it's called doing a 180 turnaround to prevent your divorce. Look it up, it could help you, it did me....and in the end, dont worry sweetheart, I am sure you are very loveable, and there will always be someone there who will love you:)) Best wishes and God bless!

  • Ditto. i'd like to know more about some reasons of this.

  • Why are you about to get a divorce. Is it your husband pushing for it? Did you cheat? Did he cheat? I mean you say you still love him, and don't want to love anyone else. So why would he want to leave you?

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