Friend ship or s**

Okay so I am seventeen years old and am currently seeing this guy. The problem is that I don't really like him that much but the reason I went out with him in the first place was because I wanted to try him out. Lately I have been l****** for s** a lot, I have only done it one other time and well since it was my first time it wasn't that good. But now I have seen so many p***** that I know everything right. Yet this means that I want to use this guy for s**. He is so totally up to it and I can tell he is h**** most of the time. But is it right to hurt him like this? Should I just go for it or should I wait until I find somebody that I really like. I am really confused so any advice would be apriciated.

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  • Go for it. You have needs. I'm 17 and I had s** for the first time the other day and I want s** again. This guy may even want to be freinds with benefits so you wouldn't be hurting him

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