Had s** with married women from work

Went to work at a small department in a small city. The everyone knew everyone town.
The day time secretary was a big bottom pretty girl, mom of four children. Her husband and she divorced, she lived with her BF of several years.
She had a feeling she wanted to try me out. I liked the size and shape of her ass, wanted to see her body. So I set up a polygraph for a hotel theft case. I took her along to type up the result as they came in. When everyone left she and I had almost two hours free and clear in the room. She had a tight body for a mom of four and something else nice and tight. I drilled her like an oil well stopping when things gushed.

Then our evening dispatcher, a wife of many years. She was big in the church. She always looked like she just left a photo shoot. The face skin and body perfect, especially for a women her age. Her husband was a nice guy who served on the city council. Everyone was scared of her power, but she was so sweet. We worked evening shift for six months, she told me she was with me more than her own husband. She wore designer clothing and her hair nails and self always model perfect, including in the middle of the night, I woke her up at home a few times. She looked better in her night gown than most women in an evening gown.

She showed me pictures of her self in her younger years. One in a bathing suit got my heart thumping.
I ask her to show me the swim suit in person some night. She said she would show my some leg, that would be it. She raised her skirt and she looked so good.

She traveled with me on a female transport risk. We dropped the female off at the hospital and i waited for the rape kit info. On the way back I took her to a nice place for dinner. We talked and she was not as she was at work.
It took another three months before we had another transport. We spent the night at the Er waiting for evidence. on the way back we could not cross the bridge due to ice and high winds.
So we stopped at a hotel. due to my situation the hotel let us share a room. That night was the only time, but she took the chance. We had s** that night and i had the feeling I had slept with a movie star. She told me she thought she had been in a p*** film. it made her feel great and made her feel young again.


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  • I was dating a guy that confessed to me he almost exclusively slept with married women. I was shocked as I was single. He told me sometimes the husbands knew and other times not. When I got around to asking why he was telling me this. He said he was really attracted to me but if we got married, he wanted me to still sleep with other men. I asked him why and he said to pay back what the others had done for him by doing it for the next guys. I didn't get it. My first thought was to dump him. I didn't dump him. I'm still married to him. The IDEA of doing what he wanted was a LOT harder than actually going though with it, at first. He isn't a cuckold, I'm his Hotwife

  • I often have sexual intercourse with someone at work - my son.

  • I was with a guy and he was very smooth and he, ok, he actually seduced me. I had no intention of it going anywhere at all. He started with a condom and at some point removed it. I didn't know. He finished inside. I was so surprised and shocked when he mentioned he did this with all the married women he went to bed with. I found out I was just one of many. UGH

  • I love having s** with married women and been doing it for decades. I am so happy for you.I hope you have these two women again this year.

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