Barmouth public s**

We've been married about 10 years while still in our mid 20s this first case of public s** happened. Me and Jen went camping at Barmouth. After setting up the tent we walked to the beach. One of my wishes was to walk to the public area which the nudists use but up till now we've never been on our own. I mentioned if we could go unfortunately it is about 30 min walk but thankfully Jen agreed. When we arrived we didn't join the other nudists but put up the windbreaker about halfway to the sea. Without realising we'd positioned ourselves right in line where everybody who's dressed also walks. At first I will admit that is was me embarrassed at the thought of taking my trunks off but Jen saying she hadn't walked all that way for nothing so still sitting down wriggled out of her costume. She's concerned though about being chubby but I told her she looks great. Sitting there just noticing before she turned over on her stomach to sunbathe I noticed that her nipples were already sticking out Wow she looked dead sexy lying face down completely naked. A bit later three young guys fully dressed came walking past commenting how she looked as regards the voluptuous cheeks of her bare bum and how they would like to get their hands on them and cheekily asked if she'd roll over and give them the full show. Not for one minute did I expect her to do anything, but just smiling she rolled over to show her t*** and her lovely f**** hair at the top of her legs. The lads couldn't believe their luck but brazenly asked if she was going to spread her legs to give them the full show. She must of been worked up cos without second asking she opened her legs and spreading those luscious f**** lips saying they were just for looking at but not for touching. This actually made these lads embarrassed because they walked off talking excitedly between themselves. I asked Jen later if she'd have gone further the reply was she didn't think so, and she'd done that out of bravado. By now it was about five o'clock and the rest of the nudists started going, but we were not ready yet for calling it a day and it was still warm so I suggested we move up in the sand dunes just behind us. Finding a shallow hollow I spread the towels down telling jen to lie down so I could massage sun cream on her back. She seemed to be in seventh heaven and dead relaxed. I was feeling more and more randy particularly after earlier with those guys. Working my way down her back massaging those luscious cheeks which she had openly-shown earlier. It was about now I noticed a guy standing on top of the dunes which surrounded our hollow and like us was completely naked. He was Looking our way openly playing with himself. At first I was going to tell Jen about him but instead found myself pushing her legs further apart showing her actual f**** and ass. Jen was starting to get dead worked up telling me not to stop. I could actually feel the love juice oozing out of her f****. It was about now I whispered to her that we had an audience and he also was naked and playing with himself. I honestly thought that she would cover herself but instead she blatantly asked did I think he could see anything and to motion him to come closer but not to let on that she knew. This guy came much closer but also now joined by another couple of guys. We had three guys now standing a couple of feet away watching me playing with my wife's c*** and they in turn were playing with themselves. They looked in their late 30s and all three had big stiffies and actually asked if they could have a feel. Jen at this point really amazed me again because she actually rolled over telling me to move away. Whispering to me "this is what you always wanted" and telling the guys brazenly she was all theirs. So Lying there legs wide open and with all three guys moving in she was fingered, groped all over until I saw and heard those familiar signs and sounds of her cuming not once but twice only this time it was with three complete strangers not me. She was completely out of control letting them do whatever they wanted and willingly gave them full blow jobs actually swallowing and having their s**** all over her head. But still not finished all of them including Jen were ready again but this time actually f****** her in turn missionary style with her ankles held back to her shoulders so that her F**** and a*** were pointing straight up and finally in the doggy position with them holding onto her shoulders ramming her F**** with their D**** looking like ramrods but also wet with her love juice until in turn they came either inside her or pulling out shooting c** all over her back and bottom. They left shortly after asking would we meet them again that evening because they also were stopping on the same campsite her answer was yes perhaps. When I was watching Jen clean herself from all the s**** she asked had I enjoyed watching the answer was definitely YES

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  • I'm 17 and last summer I went to a nudist beach here in mid California and I was first put off by all the wolf whistles I got and all the guys asked for a f*** and I told them in no uncertain ways NO.
    Then about three hours later most of the people had left the beach and went elsewhere and I was approached buy this guy I'd guess early to mid 30"s and what a hunk with a semi hard c*** saying he couldn't take his eyes off of me and asked if he could lie beside me I told him it's a public beach and he did and it wasn't long till he started in rubbing my back and thighs and a few times he touched my puss and I payed no attention to it and he did it more and more frequent and he started in parting my puss lips and inserting his finger into me again I said nothing but my body began to give me away. I started raising my hips as he got close to my p**** anticipating him entering me with his fingers but this time it was his c*** and I tried to get up but he held me down and he started in f****** me from behind with long deep strokes then he became like a animal faster and faster he got off turned me over gave me a kiss which I'll never forget and started in f****** me again and it wasn't long till he grabbed my hips pulling me tight against his c*** and he came in my puss and boy did he c**. I've never had so much c** in me from one guy and he kept f****** me till he came in me for the second time and I was getting sore from him, like I said he was Hugh and the head of his c*** was the biggest I have ever seen a good 2 1/2 inches bright purple and massive and it was still dripping c** which he let it fall onto my b******. He bent down gave me several kisses and sucked upon my nips and made me get horney all over again and he started in f****** me for his c*** never did go down and I must have came 50 times for I was getting so weak and he kept f****** me long past dark and another guy tried to join in but he told them to go and he neve miss a stroke telling him that.

  • Lieing w*****

  • I'm a woman and would have loved to come across you two, would she have let me lick her spunky p****, as you f***** me? I'm 40 plump 42gg t***

  • I go to Barmouth regularly and my shaven c*** and big t*** are yours when you want

  • You are so lucky I would love to watch my wife being banged by different men and to see them enjoying her

  • Pathetic w*****

  • I'm the woman above, you can f*** me as well,

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