My first o***** with a man

When I was 22 years old believe it or not I was still a virgin. I mean a VIRGIN! I used tampons, but nothing else had been inside my p**** before - not my finger, a boyfriend's finger, or anything related to a gyno exam. I was going to college part-time and working in a hotel gift shop part time. A business man (he was about 30 years old) started staying at the hotel each week and he'd stop by the gift shop. We'd talk some and them he started to flirt with me. He asked me out to dinner. He was nice and we went out a few times. Eventually, after one of our dinner dates he kissed me and we made out. I could feel his hardon through his pants. I stroked it some (through is pants) but that was about it. A couple dates later we were making out and he took off my shirt and started touching and licking my b******. That really turned me on and I could feel myself getting wet. He kept kissing his way down my stomach and when he got to my pants he unbuttoned and unzipped them. I could feel his mouth on my panties. I could tell he wanted to eat me. I had never been eaten before. He slipped my pants over my hips and eventually all the way off. He was fully between my legs now licking the outside of my wet panties. Even through my panties it was feeling good. He slipped off my panties and I was worried he was going to try to f*** me - I wasn't ready for that. But, he just kept eating me - licking my wet p****, gently pushing his tongue inside my virgin v*****, and licking and sucking my c***. I couldn't believe what I was feeling. I had rubbed my own c*** before and had an o*****, but never felt anything like this. I came hard as he was sucking my c***. He made me c** 3 times that night. He wanted to f*** me but I said no. I sucked his d*** instead. This is the first o***** I ever had with a man. Our dates continued for a while, each evening ending with him providing me o***** after o***** by eating my p****. This man eventually deflowered me. He was “big” down there and my first time was very difficult and painful. – Hilda M.

Feb 15, 2015

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  • I am sure you boyfriend LOVED finding an intact hymen in your 22 year old cunnie. What a surprise and treat for him. Sounds like he enjoyed it a lot!

  • Thanks for sharing the story of how you cherry got popped Hilda. It made me hard to read it!

  • Hilda - If you are still checking this site, I have a question for you. When your lover was eating your virgin v*****, could you tell he was thrusting his tongue into you? Could you feel it entering you? If you could, what did it feel like?

  • It felt good, different, and scary all at once. Nothing had ever been pushed inside me before. But, his tongue was soft and didn't go in very far. I had such a messy o*****! Hilda M.

  • Hilda - What a hot, hot story of how you were deflowered. Did you bleed any the first time?

  • No blood, it was just very painful. Hilda M.

  • I am sure your lover enjoyed lying between your legs, looking at your intact hymen, licking it, feeling your excitement, imagining deflowering you eventually! I would have.

  • I had several virgins give me the privileged or taking them the fist time. Then when working on a womans house, she told me that she was a virgin. She was almost forty and not had s** in her life. I was her first, second and on and on for a while. I introduced her to a friend and they married two years later.

  • I am so happy for you and glad you enjoyed your first s**. I have deflowered two virgins in my life and am getting ready for a 3rd one later this year.

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