Caught j********** by sisters friend

So I'm 16 and I have a 13 year old sister and one night she had a friend over and they were in the basement hanging out or whatever so I figured I could get a quick w*** in so I go into my room and pull up some nûde pics online and start going ham on my dîck and I was going for a little while and I hear a "hey!" From my sisters friend so I look up and she's stareing at my d*** and she runs out of my room giggleing so I listened to their conversation and my sister asked "what did he say?" And her friend replied "he was busy..."

"Doing what???" My sister asked
"J**********!!" Replied the friend
"Hahaha was it small?" Asked my sister
"Um that's your brother why do you care..?"Replied the friend
"Idk just wondering was it?"
"Yeah it was small" said the friend

Then they just laughed about my d*** for awhile and it was Really embarrassing that a 13 yr old said my dïck was small

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  • Try and f*** her it will make you feel better. If not f*** see her naked or something.

  • You have to wonder just how many penises this particular 13 year old has seen. And really does it matter?

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