I want to be raped

I want to be raped by older guys
I want to be smacked, slapped, tied, and all that.
I want a guy to force me and punish me
is there something wrong with me?

Would you rape a 15 year old girl?

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  • Child needs a magor spanking..

  • Normal or not, growing I was the same way. At 17 I got raped for real, twice. It isn't the same thing, but after trying role-play rape, I know that is even worse at scratching that itch. If I had to choose, I go for real rape over role-play rape. It just feels better for me. The problems and risks are WAY bigger though

  • You're now 18, lets play

  • Yes, in a heart beat.

  • Yes i would i would drug you handcuff your hands behind you rip off all your clothes and throw them out drive out to a remote part of the woods blidfold you and rape you alot and i wont be using a rubber

  • This is actually a very common fantasy. there's nothing wrong with you, but i will tell you that it is likely only a fantasy, and you would not actually want the real thing.

  • Ok hung yoy are thinking more of bdsm. Bdsm has all of the roughness you are looking for and more, this way you can set limits with your dom and you have safe words and can communicate what you do and do not like.with rape you have none of that he forces you to f*** him and he either takes you or leaves and you get no pleasure you are bruses and cut and scarred for life

  • No I would not, and trust me you do not want to be raped. Rapist is more about giving you pain than giving him pleasure. Rough s** is not even close to rape, you seem confused.

  • A lot of dumb, misguided little future rape "survivors" on this site seem confused. Statistically, they have an excellent chance of having their idiotic "fantasy" come true and I don't want to hear the whining when they're finally hit between the eyes by reality.

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