My brother is a violent adolescent

My brother is a violent adolescent thats obsessed with soccer and his girlfriend, whom he doesn't deserve.
My sister is needy and I assume she is bipolar.
My dad comes home from work at 6pm and drinks till he can't tell up from down.
My mom holds things in till she yells at someone for no reason.

I was teased from 4th grade to 6th grade, making me try to commit suicide. My friend saved me just in time. I'm a sophmore in high school now, and I still feels pangs of uselessness.

You know... my sister's boyfriend thinks I don't talk because I hold all the world's secrets inside my head. I think I don't talk because if I do, I'd get beat up for saying the truth.

If God blew up my house right now, I'd be so happy.

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  • Disfunctional family perhaps???????

  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself. What makes you assume that your sister is Bipolar? Have you ever tried to understand why your mother is so frustrated and have you ever tried to comfort her? Just do what needs to be done for you, to make you a person that people look up to. Many great people were the product of dysfunctional families, even worse than yours. If you are feeling so depressed, do something about that, rather than thinking about your brother, his girlfriend,and your"Bipolar sister".

  • Poor thing. Your life and mine sound quite similar, except for the dad part. The p**** left when I was too young to remember. Anyway, you're not useless, just know that!

    I hope everything works out for you. Don't listen to stupid people at school. Look at it this way, at least you're a stronger person because of what you've been through. Smile and look the world in the face. You're stronger than them.

  • ^ lol that last line, must have never been an altar boy

  • God dosen't see you as useless. he see's your sister and her boyfriend, your Dad and those that tease you as useless. Who is threatening you with physical violence? That is assault and it's against the law. Go to a church there is peace and protection there;trust me I know.

  • Given that kind of environment, I can see why you'd be feeling like crap. But hang in there, you've only got another year or two before you can put some distance between yourself and that festering dungeon of dysfunctionality. Meantime make some good reliable friends at school and you'll be fine.

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