I wish I was f****** all day today. I

I wish I was f****** all day today. I want to watch some dirty p*** and play with my p**** in front of a man. I want to have my p**** eaten like a peach. I want to squirt my c** in his mourth. I want to grind my p**** on some nice phat c***. I have a sexy latina body. My t*** are nice with hard nipples. My c*** needs to be sucked and f*****.

****Lucy Lawless****

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^bahahhahahahahhahah

    what a nasty s****

  • LOL You need your c*** f*****? How does that work?

  • ^^ There ARE no women on the internet. Treat it as that until you have supported proof. Otherwise, its a virgin 24 year old male who thinks p*** reflects real life.

  • So what does this mean, hot people can't surf. I have no problems finding a man. It was just that day I wanted my ass f*****. And to the one who said I wish you die of AIDS, your an a****** and you must be real young. I watch a very close friend of mine die of AIDS, so when you said that you hit my nerve. Your an a****** and if that is how you wish people to die, I don't worry because an evil spirited person like you will get what is coming.

    ***Lucy LawLEss***

  • your gross!

  • If you are so hot, why are you on the internet?

  • i am a ga but i wish i could suck your c***, if only i kknew whr you at

  • S*** I hope you die of AIDS

  • pineapple.

  • nnnnnnnnnnnnnGandalf!

  • I got my third level rogue all the way to level 6! And he made all of his saving throws!

  • I drank orange juice today!

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