S** with wife under open sky

Apologies for reposting this. Earlier I posted in wrong section I guess hence this repost.

We went to this place after 08 long months of stressful non-stop work at office.

The place was like a presedential suit with ~1.5K sqft area with all material comforts one can think off ... jacuzzi, huge lcd tv, living/bedroom, fridge full with scotch/beer, luxury interiors, comfortable beds, lightings, a/c etc etc.

The most exciting thing for me was the open roof top private terrace.

I am 32 married male, wife 27 - conservative.

Have had the opportunity to love my beautiful loving wife sleeping at the roof top whole night looking at the stars !

The most exciting part was making love to her at the open terrace with the stars visible at night.

Wish I have a house like that providing complete privacy :(

It was the most exciting love making we ever did. My wife though conservative was in a different mood in that setting :)

o***** after o*****, my d**** was never down for more than 02 minutes :) It was always ready for next action, lol !

We are planning for our next trip. Licking her p****, b**** was wow !!! Honestly never felt so aroused and excited. And the way she was sucking me off...and moving her p**** more deep to my d*** I am getting hard writing this :) :)

Oh, btw, I did bought her a sexy lingerie which she was wearing.

Believe me guys and gals, it was a once a lifetime experience, having s** with your wife at the roof top whole night looking at the stars. I have never c** repeatedly so much in my life.

Try it once couples, you won't be disappointed. I would like to try this during full moon.

Thanks for reading this, share if you have any similar experience.

And importantly, if you can suggest how to make this more exotic and lovable.

Thanks in advance.


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