I want the woman I'm going to marry to f*** other men

I really want to see my girlfriend f*** another man in front of me. i dream about it every night. i want to be there guiding his huge c*** into her p****. i want to watch his b**** tighten as he starts c****** inside her, getting her pregnant. i want to be made to suck his d*** and lick her p**** clean, then get him hard again. i want to beg her to cuckold me, then have her do it. the thing is, i really want this to happen. i want it for real. i want her to f*** around on me, and i want to marry her, knowing she does.

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  • I’m the same way about my virgin fiancée.

  • Hey Man! I had a friend years ago like you. He wanted his Wife to f*** around on him. It was great until one day he got home from work and found a Note from his Wife saying she had fell in Love with one of the Men she was f******, and he would be getting the Divorce Papers in the Mail. Better be careful what you ask for!

  • I agreEwith you. IN fact, I so totally concur that I married a stripper/escort abouT 2 yrs ago and it has been wonderful.

  • Please tell her all about this fantasy that you want to make a reality before you marry her, so she can decide if she wants to marry a cuckold.

  • Damn sexy idea. DAMN sexy! One suggested twist: have one of her other men knock her up before the wedding, and then have her walk down the aisle to you a month or so before she delivers his baby!

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