Julie Loses Her Butt Cherry

Julie was a professional woman in her late 20's. At work each day she looked very prim and proper in her business suit - often a sheer white blouse, dark skirt, 'hose, and pumps. I worked with Julie and we started dating. She turned out to be far from prim and proper! Julie is quite tall, blonde, slender, and has petite A-cup b******. One of Julie's very best features is a TIGHT p**** that in comparison would make a teenage girl seem loose. I couldn't believe it the first time we did it! We had been dating for several months and were "doing it" one night when all of a sudden, in the middle of the action, Julie whispered to me "Do you want to be in my bottom?" It took me a second to realize what she was asking but my answer was "Yes!" Julie rolled over onto her tummy, reached back, and spread her butt cheeks for me. I looked down and saw the very tight pucker of Julie's virgin butt hole. My p**** was still slick with her c**, having just pulled out of her. I mounted Julie, spit into my hand, and applied the extra "lubricant" to the tip of my very hard p****. I positioned the head of my p**** against Julie's butt hole, leaned forward to lay down on her, and pressed my hips forward. When Julie felt the pressure of my p**** against her a*** she tensed up, let out a small gasp, and spread her cheeks further apart with her hands. She was face down on the mattress, head turned to one side, eyes closed, and I could see the growing discomfort on her face. I slowly increased the pressure, Juile squirming underneath me, until the head of my p**** finally slipped past Juile's virgin sphincter - popping her butt cherry. Julie said is a rushed, scared voice "You're inside me!" I slowly worked my p**** in and out of Julie's tight butt hole, going a little deeper each time. Julie was suffering beneath me and after quite a few strokes I pulled out. I went into the bathroom to clean up. When I came out, still hard, Julie rolled over onto her back and spread her legs for my so I could c** in her p****. We were having s** again a few days later when Julie asked "Do you want me to roll over so you can be in my bottom?" My answer again was "YES!" She did and similar things happened. It was still difficult to penetrate her and I could tell it was somewhat painful for her. Once inside I stroked a little deeper and a little faster this time. I guess I got a little carried away this time because after several minutes Julie said in a somewhat desperate voice "Please hurry!" What Julie was really saying to me was "If you are going to c** in my butt, can you please do it soon?" I completed a few more strokes, felt my b**** tighten up, and came in Julie's butt. I could tell she knew it was happening because I could hear her moan when my p**** started throbbing and jerking inside of her. When I had emptied every possible drop of my seed into Julie's tight bottom I pulled out, sensing her relief. She got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. About a week later Julie and I did it in the butt one more time, again ending when I had deposited quite a bit on my seed deep in Julie's butt. A few days after our third session of butt s**, Julie said to me, "We are going to need to hold off on doing it in the bottom for a while, I am having some problems down there." I had torn Julie a little during that third session and it was painful for her when she went to the bathroom. It turned out that we broke up a few months later. Julie is married now and I wonder if her bottom is "off limits" to her husband or whether she has learned to more easily accommodate a man's p**** up her backside? If her butt hole is off limits to him, I hope he at least gets to read this story and maybe j*** off to learning about how his sweet wife lost her a*** virginity!

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  • I wonder if Julie makes her butt hole available to her husband, as she did for other men?

  • I can only hope Julie's husband uses her bum frequently now that another man has opened it up for him!

  • Julie sounds like a S*** to me

  • I'd LOVE you meet you someday Julie and help you keep your bottom stretched out (and my b**** drained)!

  • It's good to hear that Julie learned those very important lessons every woman needs to learn. They are: What if feels like to lay on their tummy and have a hard p**** pressing into their backside, The sudden stretch that occurs when a hard p**** finally pushes past their tight sphincter muscles and enters their r*****, The explosive throbbing feel of a hard p**** reaching climax in their butt, and The messy drip in their panties as a lover's seed drains back out of their stretched butt hole. Julie sounds like “she’s a pro” at these now!

  • Julie sounds very, very naughty. I got so hard as I read this story. It sounds like Julie's backside was incredibly TIGHT. Good for the guy, bad for Julie. At least she knows what it's like to get poked there and have a guy's load left behind.

  • Julie sounds like a h**** and very naughty girl letting you do her butt like that. I hope her husband has had a shot at that. If not, it would seem unfair to him.

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