Getting old sucks

I was born in the late 40's and yes I'm nearly 70. When I was young it was after the birth control pill and before aids. If you were sexually active this was the best time. Sexually transmitted diseases in those days were easily cured with antibiotics. Most girls were still discrete with their bodies but the girls who weren't were raring to go. In the very long run the "bad" girls turned out to be as happy as the girls who saved themselves for marriage. Many of these girls who saved themselves for marriage were not inclined to s** even after they married often telling their husbands to quit asking for s** after a certain amount of children were born. This lead to adultery and divorce.

Getting old is better than dying but its no fun. Your mind says youth your bodys says otherwise. You age and fall apart and that s if your lucky.

I've outlived my two best friends even though I had asthma and other health issues all my life growing up.

It was my generation that said you couldn't trust a person over thirty but even in my youth I knew that was bullshit.

I doubt if I'll live that many more years but it was good while it lasted.

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  • I thought I was reading my own Posting! My friend you aren't lying when you say getting old Sucks! Just sayin......

  • I'm one of those guys whos wife controls s**. She saved her self till mariage. We met in the church. We had kids then she just turned right off s**. She demanded no masturbation from me. So we still hug and kiss and hold hands like we did before mariage but no s**. I am torn between wanting to stay because I love her and being there for the kid on the one hand and so wanting s** basically. Every waking moment is spent thinking about s** and having this raging h****** most of the time.

  • I buried an old friend in 2005. he was 93 when he passed.He was alone for the last 7 years, and had memories of the girls in Baltimore strippers and hookers. He liked the look of a pretty women, but not able to satisfy them.
    I hired a young wiggle mom waitress to pay him visits once a month. She would strip and dance, would give him a chance to play with her body. Before she left, she would give him a b*******.
    She gave an amazing b******* and that I know.
    I grew up in the 70's when orgies were big and STD's were still cured with a shot.
    Girl from my school took me with her to a few orgies. She was a sweet girl

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