Sister outside bedroom door listening to me m*********!

I'm 25yrs old and my 22yrs old sister caught me masturbating.

It was around 4am and I was feeling h****. I thought everyone was sleeping, so I started masturbating.

5 minutes later, I heard my sisters bedroom door open quietly and heard her footsteps walking towards my door and stop.

The door is only a meter away and I didn't want to take any chances. I stopped masturbating and didn't make a move so she would think I'm asleep. I waited and waited and 10 minutes past but she didn't move.

I was h**** and started getting impatient, so I started masturbating quietly. I thought I was being quiet but when she heard me I heard her flinch. My heart was racing. I got scared and stopped again. I was so p***** off.

A minute later I hear her slowly pulling down her trousers or panties, trying to be quiet but I can still hear her. I know its her trousers because everyone has pulled their own trousers down before so we know what sound it makes.

I was so shocked to hear what I was hearing. My heart was pounding. Part of me thought it can't be her trousers. I was too shocked to believe it. I decided to m********* and see what she would do.

As I was masturbating I heard the sound of squelching coming from the door. My sister was masturbating to me masturbating. I stopped and started thinking about what was really happening.

I looked down and saw me get so hard I was raging. I grabbed the lube and slapped lots on and went wild. I was masturbating so loud on purpose so she could hear me. She started pleasuring herself faster and louder which made me go crazy. I was melting away, I was loving it.

I was facing the door, staring, masturbating hard and loud. We went for 10 minutes until I hear her getting really loud and fast. I think she was close. Few seconds later I hear a quiet whimper just for a split second. I got turned on so bad I started masturbating and within seconds I was spraying like a mountain, moaning so she could hear me. Thinking about her listening made it flow out more and more.

After we finished I can hear her pulling her trousers up slowly and walk away slowly to her room like I didn't hear anything?

I never spoke to her about it and never want to mention it but it was a great moment.

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  • Had similar experience with hot older sister. We messed around anyway, but, one night I took two of her long nails that had broken off and she kept, and used them to MB in her bedroom. She caught me mid-act, smiled, and told me to continue, as she knew I was doing it to her.

    Told me she appreciated it, keep the nails for next time, and, would keep this to ourselves. Was amazing.

  • Hot I use to wish shed come in

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