Being a s***

I was 16 verry flexible c cup and organised staying at my bestys house while my family holidayed for 2 weeks camping was not my thing and i lied to stay home i had the tv blaring and was praticing folding my legs behind my head using my arms to hold them inplace when i noticed my p**** was spreading aparts showing my c*** clearly thtough my g string forget the front door was open i took my gstring off and put me legs behinf my shoulders my c*** was exposed my p**** lips wer spread nicly i started rubing my click as i began yo breath deeply i heard my brothers friends eow do you need a hand sarah i quickly got up shocked to see brad john jeff adam damo and jason standing there i went red as i told them my brother will be home they loughed as i seen there c*** grow and i was h**** as i asked them to sit ill be back id never had a guy before only eaten p**** used my 5 speed vibrator and had my p**** eating by my female friends i got naked and put on a transparent nighty i walked in closed the door turned arround and see they had there mouth open i thort id show off doing the splits and dancing yhrowing my nighty off stand there with my perky b**** and p**** juices starting to run down my legs i laid on the vofee table as i fold my legs behind my shoulders and hands on my feet giving them a perfect veiw of my yight p**** and ass as one guy quickly grabed my legs and arms holding me another got the rope from my brothers room i got tied up. As i told them that this wasnt fair john jeff adam damo and jason got nude thier c*** wer huge damo was preety much flop while the other 4 wer hard he was still bigger and verry thick as he flicked my c*** i told them id tell my btother if they fo this and went on to explain how it was just a show to tease them as damo started to eat my p**** it felt so good i began to c** and somthing wierd happened i squirted witch made damo wotk my p**** hard while eating me the boys took turns eating each of them making me squirt i couldnt remember there names as i said ok boys if you untie me ill be your s*** to guck for the next 2 weeks i looked arround and herd one say dont untie her we can all f*** her deeper and harder yied with her legs like that as my c*** was under attack i begged them to stop as i was blindfolded and my p**** was was having convulsions as i felt another guy eat my p**** heating them say i great i tasted and see how many times they could make me squirt as i begged them to stop telling them i couldnt take anymore i felt a yung inside my p**** as he drove his tung in and out i herd a voilent hum i knew it was my vibrator on max as it was pressed on my c*** i squirted and couldnt move till they moved the vibe i started to pant and moan as i told them to stop sticking there tung up my p**** im a virgin and it feels wrong as the vibe hit my p**** and they told me i was there group s*** and would be shared while getiing a tugn up and a vibe on a uncovered c*** they made me repeat them but all i could get out was im your gtoups perdonal s*** before i squirted again as i felt a big c*** at my p**** i begged him to make it stop dont stick your c*** in. As i felt my dtipping wet p**** stretch arround his c*** he patted my p**** telling me how good my tight p**** was to take his fat 11 inches in one go as i squirted and my p**** clamped i herd him moan snd say f*** as he pulled his c*** out and slid the hole 11 inches back in making my p**** squirt he began to f*** me hard as i moaned and squirted 3 more times i told him to pull out cause im not on the pill his c*** exploded as i squirted again exhausted and tired i looked at my brothers mates told them they win and to use me as a w**** as i was f*** by the boys for the next cpl hours as i passed out c** dripping from my p****. My c*** was saw and sesitive and my p**** was opened wide when i woke in the morning i was tied the same as before as i was getting my p**** eaten by damo as my first o***** hit damn pushed his c*** in me f****** me fast as i felt my p**** tighten do much damo shot inside me again they f***** my p**** so often and much when it didnt have c*** up there i felt wierd my p**** was overused and stretched from 2 of them in me at once all the boys left except damo as he looked me in the eyes and told me he loves my p**** making me smile i asked him to untie me as he undid hi fly i pleaded no to do it again my p**** need rest please as he drove me so hard a fast and f***** me for the next hour i couldnt believe it when i squirted one more time it hurt to do so but felt great as his c*** went soft in my p**** he fell out as he untied me i fell asleep waking to my family asking my time was i smilled and replied the best time ever and neva been happyer

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  • Your English is awful. The word "I" is capitalized and it is "c***" not "click". Obviously you are another young boy, probably about 9 .

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