S** with the doctor....conflicted

I went to the doctor for a breast check. he told me that he needed to do a full breast exam. One of the things he said he needed was to ensure
there was no secretions and so he would need to taste me. He told me it was a normal check and even though I felt uncomfortable I allowed him
to. He spent the next 30 mins tweaking and sucking my nipples. I tried to object but he kept telling me it was normal.

A few days later he turned up at my house and told me that there was something else he had to check and it would involve taking a swab. I took
my knickers off expecting a swab then I felt his fingers in me. The whole time he was still telling me about ensuring my b****** were ok and he had to test them again. So he started sucking on them. I'm ashamed to say that I came and before I knew it he was b**** deep in me and even though I did not want to do it, I was wet.

I tried to fight him off but he just kept going in and out faster. My body allowed him in because I was really wet so he was sliding as fast as
he could and then he suddenly came inside me.

When that happened I was too shocked to move so I just lay there thinking that because he had come he would get off me but then he continued
pounding in me. He f***d me for 2 hours and held my legs up the whole time because he said he had to go deep to ensure that I could get wet. I
felt and heard his moaning in my ear. And the whole time I just felt this throbbing thing inside of me that I didnt want. When he pulled out I was even more upset because he had a massive d***....at least 11 inches and it had all gone in as if I was turned on and I wasn't.
I don't know how he was able to slide in so far and to be able to push in and out so fast.

I eventually found out that he has filmed all our encounters. He showed them to me and in it, my p**** was gripping his d***. It was horrible.
Everytime he pilled out you could see the pink part pulling out with his d***, the whole time wet but holding onto that monster p****.

He told me I was going to make a starring appearance online unless I allow him to taste my b****** and allow him to finger me regularly. Now I have to f*** on command. Whenever and wherever he wants. The last time he was on the phone to a colleague whilst he was pumpimg me on his desk as if I was nothing. Tweaking and sucking my nipples. He triggered my breast milk and then started telling me how sweet it was. I was repulsed but I could not break away because he was all up in me and had his hands in the small of my back so that my b****** were pushed up to his face. I called him a b****** and he just smiled and continued his conversation, the whole time milking me. I hated him but the whole time I was pinned down by his d***. And even when he came he didn't even react. He just shuddered his c** into me and pressed down to the hilt and pinned me there for a minute all the while carrying on his conversation, talking and laughing as normal. I was horrified. I couldn't help it. I came. How can I come when it is something I didn't want. I don't know how to end this. I have a partner. I don't know how to tell him that our doctor f**** me on the regular and that he makes sure he comes inside me.

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  • Nice story but it is way overdone in Erotic fiction.

  • Has to be a fantasy!

  • It's okay, you're not the first person to post a fantasy as a confession.

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