Caught while c******

I discovered masterbating at the age of 11. From then on any time I could get alone I was tugging myself. I would normally wait til my parents weren't at home or when I took a shower. Eventually I was so h**** that I became pretty reckless. I would leave the family room and say I needed to use the restroom but really j*******.

One summer day I was at home with just my mom. She told me she was going out to the garden to work, so I decide to use this time to play with myself. I had tried some different ways, and during that year I was into laying declined enough to finish on my face. Well I was laying upside down against my bed, just jacking away when I heard my bedroom door. I forgot to lock my door! My mom had come looking for me and when she opened my door she found me butt naked, upside down, jacking my hard c***. Right when I saw her I started to c** and could stop it. I came all over my face and in my mouth. She left my room, returned with a towel, waited for me to clean off, and we talked about if I was going to do this make sure I lock my door. We never spoke of it again.

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  • Similar situation I too faced. But it was not my mom but my neighbour aunty. She used to frequent our house and chat with Mom and others at any awkward time. That day there was no one at Home except me. I sat in my drawing room and was jerking and was just cuming, this neighbour aunty (she is too gorgeous and booby and have bis butts on whom I had alway googled and jerked at times). I was c****** and she peeped through the front window, but just in time I could cover my p**** (with the sofa cushion over my lap)which was half way in c****** and pumping out the rest bit of c**. While my p**** was throbbing with the after effect of c**, she asked where is Mom and I without standing up, slightly blushing and stuck to my sofa told her no one at home except me. I she suspected something fishy from my looks and left quickly. I do not whether she could make what situation I was in.

  • O////O

    How Embarrassing!!!! You should always remember to lock your door before you do anything like that! Or even barricade the door! Or cover your "area" with a blanket!!! Haha, I feel that your mother was thinking "What....." "They start so young..." when she walked in! That seems like a very embarrassing situation to be in! I Too have been caught in the act by my best friend, she was quite disturbed at the sight, but her reaction was hilarious. "Girl, what the f--- are you doing?! You can't be doin that sh-- in here! if your gonna do that do it in bathroom!" (i was in her bedroom)

  • I j******* all the time but I'm glad I'm smart enough not to do something like that with the door unlocked. I mean, my mom has randomly opened the door sometime after going to bed while I had my hand in my pants & staring at a girls b**** or watching Ivana (xnxx) get f***** in the ass, but never when I'm naked & c****** on my own face. I actually do that in the tub before I shower :) The back of my neck hurts within the next day sometimes but I still like c****** on my face. I can say that a few yrs back, I came home from school & my mom was sleeping, so I locked my door, sat on the bed, pulled my d*** out the front of my pants & put my mouth on it. After a few mins, she knocked and I was having trouble putting it away & everything, so I just covered it & had to lean over a bit, hoping it'd go soft enough & she wouldn't say anything. That & watching the video was the worst times.

  • Little w@nker

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