I s*** all over him

My ex really liked a***. A lot. I was never 100% comfortable with unless maybe I was drunk or something.

One day he suggests that I use an enema, so I did, because I literally would've done anything to make the guy happy. He didn't do his research on it and I didn't either because I trusted what he told me, so after trying to evacuate for 15 minutes or so I thought I was ready.

He started working on me, and he was always really considerate when going in, but I had to stop him. I told him I couldn't do it. I told him to wash his tool off and we could just have "normal" s**.

That was going great until I started to have an o*****.

I felt it happening and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

It remains to be one of the most embarrassing things that I have ever experienced.

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  • Some guys would find that sexy. I'm one of them. If he's not, then just chalk it up to a learned lesson, and try something else kinky: there's plenty of a*** kink that is worth attempting.

  • I met a stripper at a really skeevy nude bar and talked her into going home with me. she spent the night doing all kinds of perverted things and one of them was that the b**** watnted to s*** on me so I let her and I loved it and she loved me for letting her. i went back to the same bar a couple nights later and picked her up again and she s*** on me that time too. it became sort of a routine and i realy got into it almost as much as she did. but then her husband found out she was dating and made her stop. i havent seen her since then and i havent found anybody else who would do it at all.

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