F*** the Palestinians

F*** the Palestinians. They are always b******* and moaning "oh poor me the mean old jews took my country, boo hoo!" well if you weren't such p****** you wouldn't have gotten your country taken by the f****** jews. You know you are pathetic when you get your ass handed to you by the g******* jews. Oh you hate isreal? Who gives a s***. I just want them all to f****** die. Jesus f****** christ. "Oh why are we friends with isreal? They took away the homes of those poor palestinians." well guess what, who gives a s***. People are always like why do the Isrealis attack gaza and other places where these rats live? its because they shoot rockets at is real for a f****** hobby. They are the aggressors. Retards. F****** retards.

Feb 26, 2015

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  • Well f*** you too bro I don't give a g****** s*** about you too

  • Yeah f*** the Chinese, I hate them with a passion

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