My dad is an a******

My "dad" as he is known as, is useless. Growing up I was always a daddy's girl and thought he was amazing, well 18 months ago that bubble was burst. I moved country 5 years ago to be with my now fiancé, leaving basically all my life behind. I came home to visit 18 months ago (I was 26 at the time) and my dad offered for me to stay at his house with his new wife. I arrive home after a 24 hour flight exhausted but so happy to see my family again after so long. My dad had arranged for a week off work to spend with me, which we did. We hung around his house watching shows, making dinners, going out all sorts. My dads wife came up to me after a week and made a comment to me which surprised me... "Maybe you should consider spending more time with your father given that he took time off work to be with you" I was like whaaaaat??? I haven't left or gone anywhere the whole week! I was so confused why she would say that?? Anyway I brushed the comment off, brought it up with my dad the next day to make sure everything was ok and I was spending enough time with him and he said it was all good. He asked why I said that and I told him that his wife brought it up. He said don't worry about it.
Fast forward another week, his wife made a rude comment about how I was invading her privacy because I posted a picture of us all out to dinner on my facebook. I was like ok fine I'll take it down and I apologised but she kept going at me saying I was selfish for posting it and didn't consider her feelings. I got really upset and left the room and went to the guest room. She follows me in asking what my problem was and so I told her I felt she was being rude with what she said last week and today. Then as my dad walks in she goes red and shouts out that I am a liar, threatens to leave and accuses me of being a compulsive liar. I left and went to stay with a friend and moved my flight to leave earlier. Since then my dad has emailed me to say I need counselling for "mental problems" and that I need to apologise to his wife. Needless to say I have done nothing wrong and feel she should apologise to me. I can only assume she acted this way from jealousy but it still hurts that my dad doesn't believe me. If he thinks I would make something like this up then he doesn't know who I am at all. He has cut me out of his life and also now my brother and sister, not sure why but he has. He messaged my sister a few weeks ago asking her to come collect a box that he has, she did and turns out it was all our memories in there from childhood. Like he just wants us erased for good. All for what? Because his wife won't admit to what she said.

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  • This sounds like a lifetime movie, I'm really sorry I would record my next chat with her if I were u. if u get the chance.

  • It seems that there is something that hasn't been said here. That something happened that you're not saying. Nothing else happened or said that you are not sharing?

  • Yeah sure this happened you f****** lying s***

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