My wife the c***

I married my wife for her money. Her family is loaded and I wanted finacial security for myself and my kids. I've done that. shes a f****** rediculous spiteful b****. She gets p***** when my family comes to visit or when I leave the house to go cut the grass or clear the driveway of snow. She might be the most insecure person I've ever met. We haven't had s** in 6 months. I kind of feel bad for her. Other than her money she has nothing to offer as a lover. I'm not telling people not to marry for money but make sure the other person is mentally stable and secure enough to let you live your life a little. I'm not really interested in cheating, if she will come off of some p**** once in a while. we can imagine whatever we want. Got to try to stay stable for my kids though. They are the most important thing now.

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  • Hang in there. Raise the kids. Maybe get into couples counseling and discuss your s** life or lack thereof. It sounds like there is a disconnect with your wife on many levels. Talk to a professional. It might help.

  • Step up take control spank her

  • Snap, crackle, pop, out comes my crazy c***, snap crackle pop suuuuuckkkkk ooooooooonnnnn mmyyyuuuu c***

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