I love s**! I am a young female who is

I love s**! I am a young female who is totally addicted to d***. I have a boyfriend who I f*** every night. I love to get f***** hard in my wet p****. I love having him f*** me in my mouth, and push my head so far onto him until I choke. I want him to c** in me every night. I love the feeling of all that hot c** filling me up. I like to move my hips so I can feel it gushing inside of me. I like to put my panties on right after, and feel them get soaked with his c** and mine. After he c***, I don't want him to take it out, I want to lick it all up when he is done, and make him lick me clean also. I like to sit on my man's face, and drown him in all of our c** that has mixed together. I love the feeling of pleasing my man. Sometimes, I like to lick around his ass and b**** while giving him good head. I always want him to play with my juicy p**** while giving him great brain. I love f****** so much, I want it all the time. I would quit my job and stay home and f*** all day if I could. I want my boyfriend's d*** in me all the time. My p**** is soooo wet right now thinking about that fat d*** streching out my tight wet shaved little p****. I love you baby! Keep dickin me good Daddy!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Send me p**** pics.. I want to see your c** leaking out.rml2369@email.vccs.edu

  • not gonna lie, this turned me on.....

  • nice way of detailing it............. lol

  • Lucky man.

  • nice

  • wow, now im happy

  • COOL!

  • As long as it's your boyfriend. It's okay to be a w**** with your man. Just not any man.


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