I have a certain Urge involving d****

I am a 19 year old boy and i just want to suck some d****. I've had a urge to suck on them for a long while. I want to suck older men's d***, people my age's d****, big d****, thick d****, you name it. I have urges to go to gloryholes so i can suck some d****, even get g********* by d****. I just want d****, but sadly i can't. Because of home life, i can't get out and actually satisfy my urge. I really wish i could since it's so strong.

It's so strong that there are days i just m********* so many times to men sucking d****, or even showing off my d*** on cams. I wish someone reading this was able to meet me, cause i'd sure as f*** suck you and swallow. that is my confession

Mar 3, 2015

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  • I want to meet and suck you off while you suck me off, then I lick your booty hole rawr

  • Where do you live? I have the same desire, but I also have a gf so it would have to be secret.

  • You can suck my fat c*** were are you. 59yrs old, can I f*** you in the a***

  • So you don't like sucking c*** then, you lieing little f***

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