I am a girl and I like giving b*******.

I am a girl and I like giving b*******.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Why so hostle? This sweet girl likes to suck d***. What seems to be the problem with that? I would love to let her "control" me 3 or 4 times a day. Many of you posters come off as weak and rude.

  • to julie, "A girl who can cook, clean and give good head will always have a man"
    don't categorize women, seriously. if you like being your boyfriends b****, then do so yourself but don't compare us women that way.

    to each his own.

    as for the guy who called girls "toilets" - as harsh as it sounds, its true.

  • HA HA ^^^^^^ PROBABLY!!!!!!!

  • Why are guys angry cuz I like to suck other guys off? I mean, it makes the guys feel good. It makes me feel good. It's not like this big thing that should upset everyone. Are they mad cuz they can't get a girl to do it for them?

  • You obviously missed the point, so when you get married and start doing whatever your wife says, you will remember my post. . .a******.

  • Hey Dumb B****...... have a boyfriend, and I know for a fact I can get him to do what ever I want, so long as I make sure to take care of him after he does what ever I say. "

    That is called a trade....you are still his b**** sucking his c***. LOL

    You theory would lead me to catorgize you as a prostitute...Which one is it? Powerless w****....or a prostitute?

  • I am the one who said that I am laughing at you, because giving a really good b****** does give me a lot of control and power. I have a boyfriend, and I know for a fact I can get him to do what ever I want, so long as I make sure to take care of him after he does what ever I say. I was talking about the fact that a man thinks with his p**** probably 90% of the time. I can make a man do basically what ever what I please by reminding him of that good head he got last night, you know. It is funny because you think you wear the pants in the relationship, but I can make you crumble with a few flicks of the tongue. Never would I take advantage of this power, but I use it to benefit me no doubt! The way women have control over men (in good relationships anyway) is by you idiots NOT KNOWING that we always get what we want. Especially girls like me who give mind blowing head. I just bet you have not experienced oral s** to the poitn to which I could bring you, otherwise, you would probably still be with the girl, am I wrong? A girl who can cook, clean and give good head will always have a man, and you, will probably never get one like me because you think of girls as "toilets" when they suck you off! I am not a s***, I have ONE boyfriend, who I have perfected my b******* on for the past 5 years, and now, I have more power and control than ever before! A man could never have power over a woman because of good s**, so I bet you are a bit jealous huh??

  • well #17, that wasnt me that said that but another poster. anyway....see not all girls will suck guys. most of my friends think its gross. i dont. its just a b*******...i like giving them. whats the big deal? Sounds like you cant get a girl to suck you. i dont suck off the a******* either. well, not after i find they are an a******- not again, but i know a few nice guys who just like my b*******. right now its all i want to do with them and they respect that

  • To Julie: First of all you did say you had control over them. Your exact words were

    "I am really laughing at you because I love having control over you!"

    And second of all you are dumber than I thought. Every single control you just claimed you had, the power to make them feel good, the power to make them say they toes curl, is nothing that any other girl don't have. You girls are so self centered and blind that you can't see when you are getting played. Don't you know by now that we say whatever it takes to get our d*** sucked, or to get laid. If it takes saying your are the best to have our d*** covered by your lips then that's what we'll say. Don't you know that any girl sucking a d*** makes the guy feel good. And when he c*** his toes curl even when he's jacking his own d***. Wake the heck up. Enjoy giving head and pleasing your man and all but don't act like you have some special powers becuase he c*** when you give head. Believe me he'd c** no matter what girl is giving him head. And besides the only requirement you need to have this so called power of yours is a p****, a mouth, and t***. And for some guys all you need is a mouth (ie the poster fagit above me)

  • Sure he does. Blows the bros.

  • #13- I didn't say it gives me power over them. I'm not saying that. I am saying i have power to make them feel good and they appreciate it. I have the power make their p**** hard. I have the power to make them say, 'Julie, you make my toes curl when you go deep like that'. I have the power to hold their heavy b**** with my soft hands when guys don't like other hands on their b****. Do you have that power, #13?

  • Of course not to your face. All I'm saying is you are decieved if you think giving a guy head gives you any type of power or control over him.

  • well #10- they don't treat me like a toilet after they c**.

  • hey poster #7 don't ruin these womens parade. If they think they have power then let them think that. Because they do have the power, that is, until the guy c***. Then they are just nothing more than a toilet you don't have to flush or clean. Talk about falling off.

  • Hey #7, when I grip your nuts in my hands...I have more power than you think.

  • Its a skill that is appreciated if you learn it well. Its about power, but more about trust. Think of that when a guys teeth is right next to your c***.

  • Yes power....that what us men are thinking to when you are sucking us off. "Damn she is a woman of power and in such a non submissive position right now." LOL....you silly s***...BJ's don't give you power...

  • I know what you mean #5. It is like power.I love looking into the guys eyes especially when they are about to c** and as they c**. I like holding their b**** with both hands. I would never hurt them of course but knowing that I could...they are so sensitive and beautifull. I like how they tell me I am really good at it.

  • Me too! It makes me feel powerful when I can make a man shake and moan! I am usually smiling inside while trying to look sexy as I do it! I am really laughing at you because I love having control over you!

  • hehe..'back of the head'
    to the first poster I am 16 and yes I do.

  • Good for you, you deserve a pat on the back. Or on the back of the head, whichever is appropriate... :)

  • That would be my dream girl

  • I'm a guy and I like getting them. How old are you and do you swallow the guys c**?

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