Girl farted in my face

I'm 16 and my girlfriend is 15 and one night we were 69ing and she was on top and I was eating her out and she was half-ass sucking my diçk which was fine then all of a sudden she sits on my face with her ass and her b******* was between my nose in mouth so I didn't know what to do so I just laid there she was now just rubbing my d*** with her hand and all of a sudden she farts on my face it was a rush of warm air followed by a horrible smell she then got off and I stood up she started to suck my d*** and said she was sorry I didnt warn her when I was about to c** and when I did I slapped her back hard so she'd blow my c** out her nose after I did that I put my hairy ass in her face and farted in hers and broke up with her

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  • This can't be real, are you serious? Wtf is wrong with you?!

  • Bruh you’re a terrible person

  • You're repulsive!

  • Stupid f****** c***

  • I hope she leaves you. She deserves a better boyfriend.

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