I just want to be raped..

For a long time now.. I've been really h**** and w** a lot. I can't control it or make it go away. I'm such a naughty bad girl. I've just always fantasized about being raped or getting f*****. I can't help myself. There's no guy probably to do it.. I'm a virgin too. I'm really young and I'm a pre-teen but I already feel mature for my age. What am I going to do. Is this bad? Help please.

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  • This is one of the repetitive topics on this site that puts me in a "that's it, I give up on humanity" space. It's always some bored little bimb0 who knows f***-all about real life (or some 400-pound basement dweller pretending to be one).

    To those who really are bored little bimb0s: I hope you naive dumbshits get your fondest wish, and that it ends up being ten times as violent as you claim to dream. Of course, then you'd come on here and fish for sympathy about how you were violated. Stupid never quits.

  • ^YES^

  • There is a difference between wanting to feel desired and wanting to be raped. I have been sexually assaulted 19 years ago and it is not something easy to get over. I still struggle with my assault. You are so young and probably don't understand the difference. Wait until you have matured before you make the decision to give away your virginity. It is something you can never get back. And if you lose it where you don't have control, it will scar you for life

  • It is a normal feeling for a girl in your age, don´t worry about it.
    just be carefull to tell someone who may do bad things for you.

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