I want to get away from my r***** alcoholic brother,so he can die

I want to get away from my r***** alcoholic brother,i will do anything to get away from him,but there is only one way I can get away from him for al time. I have to go to Prison for 5 years,Yes prison is not a good plan for me. But its the only way I can get away from him,He has not had a Job for ten years,he is a freeloading P****,going to prison for me is a good plan.If I find a way to go to prison,a good prison,a good Canadian prison.i can be away from him for a good long time,Please do not Judge me for my plan to get away from my Brother for good,Its my only good plan to get away from,i cannot work my good high paying Job forever,and I just Don't want to support my Damn brother for the rest of his Life,so in a couple years,i just might be in Prison for a good long time,5 years at most,i will be living a good life in prison away from my R***** Alcoholic brother,i Punched him in the temple(the left eye) pretty hard once and he has not been the same since,i almost broke my fist when I punched him in the temple pretty hard,he deserved it, I was not sorry for punching him pretty hard,i will never be sorry for his bad choice of living his life,i am not supporting him for the rest of his life.Me going to prison is my only choice to escape from my bad alcoholic brother,if you were living my life,you too,you will be making some sort of plan to go to prison for a couple years.just to get away from my bad alcoholic brother.

Mar 14, 2015

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  • Hey Man! Been there and done that with my Brother! If he drinks anything like my Brother did, he will kill himself. Until then I would suggest you just Move away going to Prison shouldn't be your first choice!

  • Prison and Good? For someone with a high paying job, that's the best solution you can come up with? Someone is paying you too much. Stop enabling your brother and move him out. Pack is bags up, change the locks, call the cops whatever..

  • Your just another idiot that has a high paying job was all i read. As an adult I make my own choices. To be around people. Family or not.

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