Nude day

I grew up in a part time nudist family.
During the warmer months in North Queensland!(which last for over half the year), no clothes were worn in our house ever..

I think My folks wanted to create a nudist colony in their own home.
One of my earliest memories of around this time was when mum packed the car & dad drove us to a fairly secluded clearing by a running creek for a picnic & a day enjoying nature.
As soon as we arrived, & before we unloaded the car & set up the picnic gear mum & dad gathered us kids (older brother, younger sister & me) & held a family meeting, with them both sitting on a log & us 3 kids on the ground @ their feet.

I can't remember the words used, but basically.....
" kids, your father & I like being without clothes when we can, because we think it's fun to be naked & the naked body is beautiful to see & you should all be comfortable with your bodies like your father & I are.

So we've decided that when we come out here as a family for the day, we will all spend the day naked & enjoy ourselves together as a family
So we'll all stand in a circle, take our clothes off together & put them in the car until it's time to go home this afternoon.

I couldn't stand up fast Not because i was in a hurry to strip in front of my family but because i wanted the best view when they all took theirs off.

I didn't know where to look first, as i was slowly presented with so many exciting things to see by my now totally naked and exposed family. But luckily my problem was solved as we all sat on the soft grass to eat lunch, & i found myself sitting across from my crossed legged mother.

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  • My stepdad required us to be nudist. I remember his friends coming over and bring ashamed that they could see my breast buds.

  • I to was raised that the body is just that and we to ran nude on our own property. I even rode my horse to the swimming hole about half a mile away nude and swam till it started getting late then rode back home nude and a few times strangers ( hunters ) saw me and asked what I thought I was doing and I told them we are active nudist and left it at that. At that time I was 17 and I wasn't ashamed of my body what so ever. Still not and at my home I do chores nude and even watch TV nude. What goes on in my home stay's there...

  • I was raised in a nudist family and all my life I have seen friends and neighbors without clothing but something happened when I turned 17 I got raped by a fellow nudist at a came meeting and he damaged me almost beyond repair I had to have reconstructive surgery five times and the doctors say I need about five more before I'll be any where near to what I was. I survived the 11 stabs he had given me with his knife, no more

  • Sometimes I wish my family was like this. I wish we could always be naked & hard around each other. And not have to worry/cover up if either of us is masturbating behind a closed door. AND, when we go swimming, we can drop our trunks & expose our boners to each other.

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