Gf is a s***

My gf told me when she was 18 she slept with her first black man n he had a huge 10 inch c*** n she f***** him daily for a 8 months then she f***** about 20 more bbc in a year n her rep was she was a good f*** n im turned on by this i want to see her handle a bbc she loves to f*** n i cant help bit think bout the guys she f***** good the week before i f***** her she f***** a guy n she kept f****** him after we hooked up i kno she is a s*** n im happy

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  • I think you gf is my wife

  • I wife just told me she’s been talking to a black guy that she met at work that gave her his number to start texting to meet up. The first time she invited him over she said they were just friends

  • So has she been f***** by him yet?

  • She's a n***** fu3king wh0re, I hope hundreds of black n****** f*** her, it would great to watch a bunch monkeys gang rape her in every hole. That's what happens to white women!

  • My wife was a s*** for black guys in HS and I think about it a lot when we have s**, in my mind I see her being a w****, f****** and sucking black men.

  • How can that turn you on? my wife was gang raped by blacks in HS.

  • Have her ask one of them over, you can watch and f*** her too, she will love it my wife does.

  • Lot's of men like to watch their wife f*** other men.

  • My wife f***** a lot of black guys in hs, now she f**** and sucks black guys I set her up with who ever I say anything takes it in all three holes, swallows, gang bangs.

  • What a pile of crap

  • Yes you are.

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