I have to give the Dr names of those I have had s** with now

Last year I dated my daughter teachers assistant for six months. She told me she was clean and had a latex allergy. I had nothing to worry about, she took shots for control and had not had s** since high school. I had nothing to fear.
To give me more comfort she had a letter from her dr showing the last shot for birth control.
So we had unprotected s** a LOT of unprotected s**.

In that year I had been back and had s** with my ex wife several times. Unprotected and with out fear of anything.

Then the bad ones to disclose.

My ex wifes sister, and she is married with two children. She and I have probably ten or so times.
My ex wife's cousin and her sister as well. One of them six times and the younger one over 20 times. Not a condom one used in either of them. just pulled out for the ultimate protection, but each of them take BC medication.

Now it gets bad. My ex mother in law and she is still married to my ex father in law. I hate that old b****** actually. He accused me of doing a girl from his golf club when I had not. Yet he had been paying three of the very young drink girls for s**.

This one hurts, my ex wife's grand mother. Yes she and I have met two times when I fixed her computer. Nothing used with her, she could not get pregnant if she wanted. Had not had s** in over fifteen years.

Three girls I have dated and lastly the lady from work. She and I have three times and the last one was last week.
The Dr ask me for a list of those who need to be tested. I have a curable STD but they need to know for sure. I am tempted to leave some of the names off the list.


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  • Gosh you must be real h****

  • This is fake.If it's not,each to their own.
    I'm glad I've been with one person sexually and he is my soulmate :)
    You "confessor" are a,manwhore lol!!
    Have some self-respect and dignity :)

  • You f****** c** jockey

  • F*** off you stupid cuntish b******

  • Using phase like ultimate protection just makes this confession look ever more fake

  • You got it from someone who wasn't being safe. And so yes, some of your choices for lovers may have not be the brightest of choices, but guess these are the consequences for your actions. They were all adults and they were all consensual. And sounds like they have much to lose if they say anything. Most people wouldn't want to broadcast this, but it would hurt them as well. But you should really do the right thing, give him a complete list and tell them to get tested. You're lucky it's curable and not much much worse.

  • You're screwed man!

    You are going to end up with herpes, aids, the list goes on and on, which if not treated will eventually lead to testiculat cancer!

    Find a new hobby or god!

  • Stupid s*** get back on the street corners and suck that c*** for cash you w****

  • Bollocks you f****** b******

  • Stupid f****** c***

  • Fake as f***

  • This is bullshit

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