Had lunch and s** at a bar today.

A dive bar has lunch specials now and I stopped by for one. My lunch is between one and two, so most were gone. I sat beside a woman who was drinking beer. I got one and ask if she wanted another. She said thank you.

when i finished my lunch she cleared my things away. I ask if she worked there. Some time she said.
I ask what she was doing? she was bored at home and just stopped by for some entertainment. See if she could pick up a few tips is she helped lunch group.

I told her i would leave her a tip, she said that was ok. Then I ask what she would do the rest of the day. Would walk back home shortly. offered her a ride and she accepted. She got in the front of my work van and looked in the back. She said there was a lot of room back there, I said enough room to lay down back there.

She ask how often I laid back there? and if it was always lone? I told her that I had never had s** back there, but had taken naps or slept there when I worked crazy hours.
She told me she would get back there and help me break this van in.
I pulled on a side street and slid the curtain behind us. I dropped me pants into the floor and hit the door locks. She top off and got in the floor. She gave me a bit of oral. that worried me with those long buck teeth of hers. but she was a pro. I told her I thought i had some condoms in the back. she told me no need I had one on. she put it in with her mouth. I had no idea at all.

In the back she got naked, not bad body at all, but a nice thick back side on her. No ink and no marks. Had nice skin and trimmed dark p*** patch. She opened the legs and things did not smell bad. I stuck my finer in her, she ask if it were wet? I said very. She told me she got turned on by this, not her usual thing.

She gave me some great s** under and on top of me. probably the best ride I have experienced in my life time. She finished and then she made me finish inside the condom. We got dressed and I drove her home.

Fearing some prostitution trap I did not want to offer her money. But I did not want her to give me that kind of s** for free. I told her i wanted to give her a tip for my lunch. I feel bad she did not earn any today. She insisted she was fine. She did not want any money. I had given her some good loving, that was her tip.

I guess she was not a h*****.

Mar 16, 2015

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