Please f*** my beautiful girlfriend

I constantly fantasize about watching a hoard of guys f****** my hot gf. She's got long dark hair pale skin & long legs. We're in love and she's still a virgin which makes it even hotter if I were to see her get f***** by three guys maybe more!!! Ive talked to her about having a threesome and she's kinda considering it but doesn't like the idea of tons of d**** inside her. I think she's mostly worried about stds but I told her we would find someone clean but she still isn't all for it...ugh I want her to get f***** by all 8 of my roommates while I watch and possibly jon but how do I convince her!!!???

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  • Don't you ever do anything without her consent, offer her to watch p*** and if she doesn't like the idea, find someone who does

  • Your a moron

  • She's a virgin, and you want to convince her to start with a (gang)bang?
    Com'on! Get real!

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