I let my father rape me

When I was 13 I let my father rape me. He came into my room and got into my bed. He was gentle and pulled down my panties and raped me.

I did nothing. I did not tell then. I knew him and mom were fighting and I knew if I said something then we would all be split up. I said nothing.

You know these days we hear on the news all about these people who have been abused and my confession is that they should just get over it. If they live their lives based on the disappointment of the past then they will always be miserable.

Now days with all this emphasis on abuse I am torn between judging my father as evil or just weak or even just someone in need of love after my mother rejected him. Should I see my self as a victim or was it a good thing I did.

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  • Dont report him my wife was done by her dad for years she was never hurt and has grown up good

  • Honey, please please tell someone! It doesn't matter why he did it, it is HORRIBLE. Please call the abuse or rape hotline or tell someone you trust. You don't deserve to go through that.
    I am so sorry ??

  • He could have gotten you pregnant. Even though you say you've gotten over it your dad really did the wrong thing to you.

  • I don't know a bout all those that are said to have their lives destroyed by early sexual abuse, but as a young boy I was forced to suck an older guy's c*** and shortly thereafter brutally f***ed in my a** by another guy, and I got over it.
    In fact, in my later adult years, found that I actually liked
    doing both.

  • This obviously f***** you up

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