Cuclhold chastity

My name is sonu my wife name is monika
she is a doctor (s** specialist)
she is adorable
her figure is 36/27/38
her figure makes many people crazy on her
she married me arranged marriage i am a thin whitish weak indian boy with a kinky d*** 2 inches flacid
3 inches erect on our first night she removed her clothes
and removed my clothes and watched closer on my wimp d*** she frowned and i went nervous and i try to cover my d*** beacause i doesn't erect that time because of my nervousness
she was like laughing she controlled her laugh
and said this is so tiny and weak better cut it off
and she sat on bed and started to surf on her mobile and she said easy baby now come near me and start massage my legs and without my knowledge i said yes mistress she glanced my d*** and shrugged "whatever"
and she told after 1 hour did yu hear about cuckholding she asked.

i dont what it was (that time)
i said 'no'
she said good "that's good"
and she said i will f*** other men whoever i liked
understand? you are not allowed to f*** or m*********!
i said yes,madam.
i don't how i said yes

the following weak she ordered a chastity belt cb-6000
i dont know what it was it is not familiar in india
she ordered in amazon

one day
she asked me to remove my clothes
and i did
she did something to my genitile
tadaaa your now nothing

after 6 months of denial


one day she called her college friend shourabh he is a police man
and asked him to come to our house
he came and chatted with her

she wore a saree and didnt wore bra
exposing her navel and transperent b****
it made sourabh h****
i saw his tool become harder
they chatted normally
then my wife started her plans

then she asked hows my saree
he looked at me and said good
she asked it that seems sexy saurabh
he grinned and said monika you are damn hot
she smiled and sad aside him and suddenly touched his c*** he went crazy and looked at me
monika suddenly said he is nothing dont mind him
hey cucky remove your clothes she ordered
i said yes madam and removed my clothes
and they began to laugh at my kinky wimp

monika suddenly hugged saurabh and they began to kiss all on a sudden they went naked. his c*** is thrice my size 7-8 inch he began to squeeze my wife monika's b**** and started to suck her nipples hardened she began to ehisper ahh ahhh super then he began to kiss bite and squeezed as h***
and milk spilled from my wife's bossom he drinked my wife's milk from her b**** and leaned and began to tease my wife's c*** and she licked like a dog she moarned and milked then he inserted his c*** my wife monika easily inhaled his big c*** he began to thrust his c*** inside my wife's p**** began to pump his c*** in my wife's pusy she cried ahhh ahhh shhh shh ouch ouch
she yelled how big baby my husband is bleddy loser
i don let him free in his life sourabh told why dont yu castrate him instead of putting in chastity
wel think about it she said
and began to f*** he f***** my wife's p**** like a lion splash splash slak slak slak and turned around her and began to stretch my wifes ass cheeks and started to insert his d*** and finally f***** her and again she turned her and f***** her in her p**** and my wife began yell i am going to c** inside you b****
your going to get pregnant and your husband is going to take responsible of your chiild you bleddy w****
and finished he teard my wifes p**** for nearly 20-25 minutes they led down on bed she whispered honey come lick my p**** this iis your nights dinner without hesitation i licked monikas p**** and cleaned the mess
saurabh said lets make this night more interesting
he asked my wige monika to unlock me out of cage she did then he asked me to lay down on bed he take a hand cuff and locked my hands and he asked her to bring a knife she told i can make it simple i dont know what they are going to do i panicked
she went to bedroom and came with a box
and she took some instruments
my c*** hardened as a rock after 6 months of denial
she started to rub my d*** my continously for 15minutes my d*** e*********
3 times and i got tired mixed with pain
and my d*** cant able to erect that time
she took a syringe and pierced my b**** and d***
i felt no sensed nothing around my genicals
and started to operate and stiched my c*** inside
hanging my b**** outside
she said baby no more c****** you can get h**** but cant c** one day i will take your b**** too dont worry and freed me from the hand cuffs
and made to clean my mess i did on the bed
i tried to fought back with agony monika kicked my b**** with her high heels shoes i fell down with pain and started crying i cant do anything and she told
you will be punished for this

but inside me i felt a joice in this all humiliation

Mar 22, 2015

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  • If you got any sense you will get out of that relationship with karen and her wild kids who are exactly like her. they drink and do drugs and hang out at heavy metal shows and all the family have been in jail. get out now pete while you can. I pray some other quality woman beats karen to alter with you and she learns hurt and how it feels to be rejected for being such a b****. my friend said " he looks like a mormom and in that case he may have heaps of wives and give her aids or something". but it won't last and karen is going to end up in a bad way drinking all the time with her female friends who live rough lives like karma and karen are so alike its not funny its just that each are walking the other way, one out of s*** and one into s***. karen is not the right woman for pete, his mother can see that. his friends told him after her daughter assaulted him then made out it was him attacking her. I mean its all part of the family game. I would say, pete. that is the way that family flow her old man did similar to me and my sister, he assaulted us and went around telling everyone we s** assaulted his daughter karen and we didn't, he was the one molesting us and they are cunning like that. you deserve better I told him after the sisters wedding was over ! tell them go get after her calling the police, he can't afford to have a ruined reputation on norfolk he has worked too hard for that. karen is trouble all the family have a mental illness and alcoholic and drug problems and I had to warn him in private.

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