What a f***** up party

Over summer break, going on to high school. my older friend whom is 15 is throwing a party with 8 of his closest friends. im one of them. but for names sake, i will call name them numbers. 1,2,3 are boys. 4,5,6,7 are girls. befor the party. it was just me 1,and 2. btw. 1s parents arent home for the week due to jobs. so house is ours. GREAT! but anyways. before any one came. we were dicking around. trying to drown eachother in the pool, f****** with 1s dog, and scoring some booze from 1s parents. Now its near 2 a.m. were watching hostel part 3, my choice. when out of the blue. 2 says "im h****" i laugh, but 1 agrees. now i didnt know that they were that f****** close as friends. but they say "wanna go jack of with us?" i look at them. but i dont wanna be a loner. so i say sure. we go into the bed room and 1 pulls up his laptop and finds a p*** video. we all jacked off together which was hot and all. but sorta boring. i teased 1 saying. " you have a small f****** c*** boy" he got p***** off and said "well see about that" now its tomorrow. party time. were like 7 hours in. so its late. we play games like spin the bottle, truth or dare. but truth or dare turned into dare.. we get into it. saying make out, touch him or her there. but i did something i knew i shouldnt have done. i told 2 to make out with 1 for 10 missisipi. they did it, but were furious after. 2 said a dare that made me get tears in my eyes. "i dare you to suck 1s c*** until he comes" everyone stared at me. i told him no. but we had am agreement to the party. i begged him to dont make me do it. he laughed and said to bad. 1 was up for it. hes not gay but he is always h****. so i looked over at him amd his pants were already down. the b******. he said open up cutie. i coverd my mouth with my hands. but 2 amd 3 pulled them away. i couldnt belive my f****** friends would do that to me. 1 i said fine. he said you have to come and get it. somi moved closer and licked his c*** first then i out it in my mouth. going back and forth on him. the girls were giggling. 2 told me i was a pro. 1 said i was blushing. so i pulled back and said f*** you a******. then i told him. ill only finish if he didnt come in my mouth. he just grabbed my head this time and started forcing it down my throat. i didnt gag or nothing. but he started to go faster and start to moan. and tried pushing away. no use. only cause part of me liked it. my mouth filled with a whole bunch of c**. he pulled aways and smiled. "now be a good boy and swallow" everyone chanted "swallow!" i choked on it. (c** is not salty. it is f****** disgusting as s*** and is really gooey)but i got it through and started to cry a little. good boy he said. f*** u i said back. but that was a long time ago. were still friends and all. and im still 14. my birthday is next week actually. and i have new friends. funny though. im not gay. and im not a w****. but since then. ive been giving some of my friends blow jobs when they ask. only 3 so far. were all on the football team, so there violent. but i guess what i confess is i enjoyed it. and on my birthday. im going to my older friends house. not the party friend though. and what this new friend said. was hes gonna f*** me on my birthday. like actually f*** me. i cant wait. ive never tried. but hey. always time for new things right. ill confess it after. tomkeep u posted :). again. im not gay. and im not a w****. im just h**** all the time...

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  • You don't have to be gay to like c***. I' love women and am not at all attracted to guys, but for some reason I love c***.
    I enjoy s***ing c***, and getting f***ed in the a**. I love s** and will take it any way I can.
    And there are many guys out there like us.

  • If you are a guy & love c****, then it's without a shadow of a doubt that you are a gay & not wanting to admit it.. Shame on you..

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