Why do I want to be raped?

Where do I start, I want to be raped. I love watching rape p*** or forceful p***. I wouldn’t call myself all that masochistic, but there is something about being ravished and mercilessly forced down and f***** really hard. I often imagine myself in a dark alley or in a multi-story parking lot late at night. I don’t want it to be with some creepy homeless person or anything, but maybe a tall nice looking co-worker or someone with a nice physique at the least. There are only a few reasons why some women fantasize about getting raped. Rape fantasies don’t usually mean beating someone b*****; most women with rape fantasy don’t want that at all. I’ve read many different rape fantasies written by women and someone put it best, its not that we want violence, but there is something about a man desiring you so much that he is willing to break all the rules to have you. That is my favorite reason and it sums up my desire quite nicely. Another reason, we like to feel helpless and or be submissive; we want to try things that we wouldn’t try voluntarily and rape releases us from the responsibly of having tried it because we were forced to; and to round out the top four reasons, we just like rough s** in general, and there is no rough s** more genuine than rape. Well at least for me.

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  • How i wish i could meet someone who wants that. im 27

  • Becuase women are being told to be strong. i am but when it comes to s** i am submissive. i love surrending to the man and all his desires deviants. makes s** so hot. they keep coming back. got married and just had two proposals... i aim to please

  • So glad to know I'm not the only one who has this fantasy!

  • I'm the one who wrote this post. I can guarantee you, you're definitely not alone. Pretty sure I've thought this way since I was around 18 years old, I'm 26 now.

  • You sum it up nicley... I am a man. As a guy I can tell you it's a hard line to cross and play with. A rapest is a rapest. One time a woman in my office put off the "vibes" and even did a little s** talk with me, I kind of forced myself on her.... Didn't work out so hott... Lol she said no, I said I was sorry, explained I thought that's what she wanted and apologized greatly. And no I am not a creeper, I am physically fit normal male.

  • Glad to know I summed it up properly. Too bad I don't have a co-worker such as yourself that would be interested. Oh well, a girl can always daydream.

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