Kicking B****

I love to kick his on their b****, it's so funny and prove that women are the superior s**. I have kicked so many guys in there and I am so good at this that I make a guide and I wanna share it whit girls so they can defend herself and also have fun when they are bored. So here is the guide:
1: Types of ball-busting
There are two types, with your foot/knee or whit your hands.
2: Foot/Knee
Whit this part you can quickly defeat a boy and is very very painful for them. There are many variants:
Kick in b****: It's the most common, you can see it in a lot of movies. It's also the easier because the only thing you need to do is take your foot up so fast as you can.
Knee in b****: This is the second more common technique, it's very powerful and also have the surprise factor because no guy is waiting an attack like that being so close to you. You also can hug him and then ¡Boom! He is in the floor crying.

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  • One day some guy will deck you with a baseball bat. That'll stop your s***.

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