I'm dating a guy and I know that he likes another girl; it kills me. I've asked him about it but he says he wants to be with me but I don't believe him because he talks about her, likes all her facebook things and it's so damn obvious.
I want to end this now, because I know he doesn't want a relationship, he only wants to have s** with me, but I have only given him kisses. But I don't know why I'm so afraid and haven't ended this thing already. I accept it...this is hurting me so bad, one of the main reasons is because it's happened before many times. I'm 24 and I have never been in love and I know that's because they're always idiots, douchebags and I like them. Maybe is a problem of neediness or low self esteem, but I'm a cute girl so maybe it's been bad luck. Anyway...I can't help feeling like a piece of s*** right now.
I'm feeling anxious, sad, empty, lonely and the reason is a guy that doesn't even deserve makes me feel really stupid.

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  • There are lots of guys out there that will like you for exactly who you are and want the same things as don't lose hope. You just haven't met him yet. But definitely lose this guy. Any guy who talks about his ex (and then does the classy thing and talk to you about it) is not over their ex. You don't need that. We all have insecurities, but don't let this guy bring you down. You're head and your heart are in the right place. Move on and onto the next. Ask your friends..maybe they have a cute single (and not in contact with any exes) that they can set you up with??? Put it out there that you're looking.

  • Guys don't do relationships. Guys do s**. He thinks he will get s** out of you.

  • Your not stupid, your going through a normal reaction. Email me at lpfc905 @

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