I'm my stepsons shiny tights and leotard w**** part 1

My stepson has turned me into his shiny tights and leotard little w****. Here is a quick background of both of us. He's been my stepson for 5 yrs, he's lived with his father and I for 4 yrs! He is 18. I am 40. He has a great body, big arms, chest, back and legs and very cut up body! I myself am pretty good looking I would say with an 8 for a body for a 40 yr old. We both love working out. My husband his father travels around the world for his job??! I know it sounds crazy but I love wearing shiny silky Danskin tights and silky leotards when I workout! I know it's 2015 and no longer the 80's but believe me girls the guys love it! Try it and find out how many guys want to f*** you! You'll be amazed! Even if you are average looking you will get looks you've never gotten because a man can't take is eyes off you body! So here is our story! This is 110% true! No exaggeration! I give all my word!

I have found my stepson to be a very good looking young man and by the amount of dates he goes on so do most girls and women! I have masterbated to the thought of him since he moved in right before his freshman year! He is now a senior and as I said 18! It was 2 weeks into his senior year and in our basement that we finished a few years back we have a beautiful workout room. I went down to do my workout and had on a pair of suntan silky and very shiny Danskin tights with a sexy silky black leotard! When I got down to our workout room my stepson was working out in nothing but a pair of silky biker shorts. He was doing squats when I got down there and I asked him how long he was going to be because I wanted to get my cardio in! I do a lot of dancing and jumping around for my cardio! He said I could start while he finished up that he had about 30 minutes. I said I'd wait but he insisted I go ahead! I stood and watched him for about 5 minutes Nd that was because I looked at his "package" in his shorts and it was enormous! I could see the entire size and shape of it. It was obvious he had not underwear on because I could see every line on his c***. I would say it's every bit of 7" long limp and very thick. I can tell you hard it is 9" but we will get to this and how I know! As I watched him and was looking at the bulge in his pants I could feel my p**** dampen so I decided I should start my workout! I turned the music on and started my routine. I had my back to him but I could see him staring at me because we have mirrors all over the room so we can see ourselves she we workout. My stepson was staring at my legs and ass covered in my tights and leotard. He was doing his squats and I was doing my routine as my p**** started to moisten even more at the sight of him checking me out! I could see that his c*** was getting hard. After about 5 more minutes he said he was going to cut his workout short and go get a shower. He stood up and his c*** was standing At attention hard as a rock, I don't think he noticed that I was looking so he just stretched out and then went up the steps! My p**** was now dripping wet. It was so set I could see a wet spot on my leotard soaking through. I don't wear panties under my tights and leotard so there was not a lot to soak up my juices!
I waited about 10 minutes thinking he had to be in the shower by now and I was so h**** I went over to the weight bench and put my hand into my leotard and down into my tights and started fingering my p**** with one hand and rubbing my other all over my tights and leotard! I love the look and feel of shiny tights and leotards! I was masterbating for about 10 minutes when my stepson must have came back into the room for something! I was not sure how long he was there it when I looked up he was peeking around the corner watching me. I just froze. I said what are you doing and he said I could ask you the same. He then said please don't stop! I have alwYs gotten hard looking at you in your tights and leotard but seeing the outline of your hand moving and plunging into your p**** through your leotard is amazing! I didn't say a word, I thought to myself f*** it and continued. His d*** was so hard it was all I was thinking about while I was f****** my p**** and plunging 3 fingers deep inside of myself! My stepson started walking toward me and I pulled my hand out of my tights and out my finger in my mouth and started sucking the juices off of my fingers. He put his hand around my back and out his tongue in my mouth, he then started sucking my tongue to get the taste of my p****! He was now kissing me and rubbing his hands all over my body and rubbing my p**** through my leotard and tights saying how sexy my legs felt! He turned me around and bent me over and said he always wanted to put his d*** between my legs with my tights on and f*** my legs covered in my silky shiny tights! He started rubbing my ass and then put his thick, large c*** between my legs and told me to close my legs!

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  • Great story

  • I want to f*** you badly

  • If I had a mother who was dressed in leotards and tights. I would of f*** her right then with the leotard and tights. Bend over,pull the tights and leotards to the side and plunge into her p****.

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