Stepsons shiny tights and leotard w**** part II

My stepson was pumping his huge c*** between my legs telling me how good my silky and shiny tights felt on his c***! He then said does my w**** stepmom like my d*** between her legs?? I told him I loved it! I said don't stop! We were both breathing heavy and moaning! He said I want you to be my w**** who wears shiny tights and leotards for me all the time! I want to f*** my w**** everyday! I told him I'd love to be his w**** and as I was saying it I couldn't believe it was coming out of my mouth! He said you look so sexy in your tights and leotard I want to f*** your brains out! I told him I wanted to feel his big d*** in my mouth first! I sat on the weight bench and he walked up to me and I took his big c*** into my mouth. 8 had my mouth open as far as it would go and could barely get my mouth around his c***! I was sucking his d*** and he had me by the back of my head shoving his d*** down my throat! He had his hands all over my b****** feeling them through my leotard! I think he enjoyed the feeling of my t*** through the leotard more so than my t*** themself!
My stepson then stood me up and bent me over. I had my hands on the weight bench to stabilize myself and he started rubbing his d*** up and down the crack of my ass! Again we were both breathing pretty heavy and at this point I was so wet there was a huge wet spot on my leotard! I then begged him! I said please f*** your w****! I need my stepson to f*** his w**** stepmom! I need my stepsons huge c*** inside me! I said I want you to get your d*** wet and then pull it out and put it into your whores mouth! I was starting to believe I was now his little w**** and I was loving the thought of it! He pulled my tights to the side and out a hole in the crotch of of the panel of my tights! I thought he would be gentle because his sick is so large but he rammed his c*** into me and I let out a scream! He said take it like a good w****! He started f****** me and just pounding my p****, calling me his w**** and the more he pounded my p**** and called me his w**** the more turned on I became! I had three of the biggest o****** I've ever had! After pounding my p**** for 20 minutes he pulled his d*** out and turned me around and I sat on the weight bench while he jacked off and came all over my face! I stuck my tongue out and caught as much as I could! He told me to go shower and put a clean pair of tights on and said he would be chucking his w**** the rest of the night! My stepson Saudi want you in your tights the rest of the night, cooking my dinner and while I eat my dinner I want you under the table sucking my d***! I told him his dad would not be home for another 4 days and he said then you will be in your tights and leotard 24 hours a day while he is gone and you will be sleeping in my bed! He told me you are now my shiny tights and leotard w**** of a stepmom and I own your p****! I agreed and we have been f****** for the last 7 months! I wear my tights 24/7 around the house and his father loves it too! She. His dad isn't around I wear my leotard with my tights 24/7 with high heels around the house! I f*** him when his dad is in the next room at times! I really do not want to because I'm afraid to be caught but I am my stepsons w**** now so I do what he says and the thought of his dad in the house while I f*** his son or suck his d*** in my tights and leotard excites the h*** out of me! In all my 40 years I have never been this set, h**** or sexually satisfied! I really think my stepsons shiny tights and leotard w**** is falling in love with her stepson!

Mar 27, 2015

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  • Send your step mum to me in llanbradach south Wales

  • How do i.mail u? I want to play.with my c*** with u and let u lie in my step.daus bed and let u.c** all.over her little.panties wtc

  • You wish

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