To h**** for him

Well to start off with I'm 19 and my bf just turned 40 and when we first stared he couldn't keep his hands off me but now I feel like he has lost all interest in me and I don't want to cheat but I feel so ugly cuz he won't touch me I might have s** with him once a week and that's just not enough for me I'm a very h**** person I just want to be wanted by him again

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  • Men have been going elsewhere for centuries if they can't get what they want. These days, it's any girl's right to get and enjoy all the s** she wants. So if you're not getting satisfied by that guy, go find a younger stud who'll give you all the s** you want, need, and DESERVE. The days of women going without are OVER!!! Or - talk to this guy you're with and explain to him what your needs are. Tell him you'd be OK staying with him if he's OK with you getting some hot steamy s** on the side. And if he's not OK with that - find the young stud of your dreams.

  • Dump him. He has ED and this will only get worse.

  • If you're living with him and he's paying a large percentage of your bills, you need to develop some outside relationships. If you're not living with him and he's paying relatively little of your bills, find someone with more disposable income and then dump this guy. Your body needs what your body needs, and you won't ever be happy until you get what your body needs. Trust me, honey: I've been where you are and I know what needs to be done. Either way, it's time for you to . . . . . . . START LOOKING!

  • The solution to this problem, like most relationship problems, is communication. You need to have a serious discussion (or perhaps several serious discussions) with him about your wants and needs, so he know what's expected of him when it comes to s**. He needs to understand that you have a physical hunger and need, and if he doesn't satisfy it, someone else will: a LOT of men will want you. Honesty isn't always pleasant but it's always beneficial. Good luck to you, and to him.

  • The brutal truth is that he saw an opportunity to bang a 19 y/o and now is bored. You need to move on as he already has.

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