M*********** to wife

I must confess. I love to m********* all the time. When I m********* I think about my wife with another man. I love to stroke my c*** and imagine my wife naked with another man. My wifes pu ssy lips would wrap around his hard throbbing c*** as he slides in her. He'd make her c** on his c*** before he releases his c** deep in her p****. She'd then come home and let me feel her wet p****. I m********* to this 98 percent of the time. The other 2 percent I would m********* and c** on her ass. Then I'd lick it off her. I'd love to make all this happen for real one day. Any suggestions how to do this would help thanks for reading.

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  • Get on Craigs List in your area and post or connect with a guy that could help. He will help you through this and guild you on the specifics. "Accidentally" meet up with him at a bar or a club and arrange for him and your wife to dance and excuse yourself to go to the parking lot to check on your car or go to the bathroom or what ever, just leave them alone after a few drinks so she can get comfortable with him. It may take a few meetings like this but it will happen. He will soon be stiffening his tensing his muscles and she arches her back to accept him as deep as he can go. He will leave his seed deep inside her and you will reap the rewards. I advise you arrange to be there to guild him inside her for the first time. It will make her more at ease and let her know she totally has your permission to enjoy the entire experience. Be sure to watch the look on his, and her face when they climax. You will never forget that look and you will have masturbation material for a lifetime.

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